Beware Evesham

  Col Urban 11:17 26 Jul 2004

I recently ordered a PC from Evesham and when it arrived it was continually crashing and rebooting. Obviously it had not been tested.

When I rang the support asking to return the PC I was shocked at their response -

First they tried to say I'd had it longer than a week so I couldn't return it. I'd had it only 4 days.

Then they said I would have to pay a "20% re-stocking charge".

Then they said I couldn't return it unless I'd spoken to the technical support team.

It was only after my insistance that they relented and agreed to give me a returns number. They kept me on the phone for ages trying to dissuade me. I have had to return it at my own expense but will be instisting on a full refund of the PC including all delivery charges.

Be warned and know your rights -

you have a seven day acceptance period where you can return the goods even if they are not faulty (you may have to pay delivery charges)

if they are faulty you can return them within the first 6 months and the onus is on the supplier to prove that they weren't faulty (they should pay delivery charges)

I was going to ask for another PC from Evesham but I think I'll go elsewhere now. Has any one got any reccomendations?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:09 26 Jul 2004

PC World


  gold 47 13:41 26 Jul 2004

Very sorry to hear of your problems i have two computers from Evesham one 4 years old now no problem with it.
When i recieved my first Evesham computer i did have a slight problem with it they replaced the computer and i had no postage to pay perhaps things have changed at Evesham these days.

  Col Urban 14:00 26 Jul 2004

thanks for reply, does PC World have competitive prices though?

  Rigga 14:40 26 Jul 2004

Try Mesh. click here

Excellent machines, at good prices, and their customer support is good.

They even have a presence on this forum, which is reassuring, and in the end the main reason I brought a machine from them.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:43 26 Jul 2004

I've bought over 30 PCs from there and I find the prices competitive especially as you are not paying postage. The main advantage is that you get the goods straight away. Don't bother with the extended warranty or the offer of half-price AV and firewall.


  ventanas 16:12 26 Jul 2004

Bought 25 pc's from Evesham over the past two years. They are not as good now as they used to be, so I buy from Dell now. Reasonable machines, but full of junk that needs to be got rid of. (Trial programs etc.)

Used to use PC World myself. Might just go back there as I still have a business account with them.

  zootmo 17:48 26 Jul 2004

about a bad Evesham experience, this is from an Evesham machine and for service & backup I have found them hard to beat.The essential thing in all of this is to know your rights as a consumer,if it's wrong then make them put it right.

  Forum Editor 19:47 26 Jul 2004

you have 7 days within which to return a computer that was ordered online, UNLESS.... the machine was built to your specifications.

If you take delivery of a computer which is clearly 'not fit' for the purpose for which is was sold you have the right to 'reject' it under the sale of goods act of 1979 (as amended by the Sale and Supply of goods act 1994), and under current legislation you may cancel the contract and demand a full refund of your money. In such a case the vendor must refund the money to your credit card within 30 days of the cancellation.

1. I find your statement that "Obviously it had not been tested" a little presumptious - you have no way whatever of knowing that to be the case.

2. It wasn't unreasonable for Evesham to want you to talk to the technical support team - experience has shown that many initial problems can easily be overcome in this way.

You made an assumption when the machine kept crashing, and although I can understand your irritation I'm surprised that you obviously weren't prepared to even let Evesham try to resolve the problem - you seem to have made your mind up that you wanted a refund, even before you spoke to them. Having said all that, you're determined to get your refund, so there's not much to be said, except........

1. We do not allow these general warning threads under normal circumstances, and normally any thread entitled "Beware XXXXX" would be deleted - it's for each person to make up his/her mind about who to beware of.

2. Evesham do not have a record of bad customer service in this forum, and in the past we've found them to be very helpful when problems occur. I know of nothing that's happened to change that, but of course we rely on forum members to let us know of individual experiences. I hope your problem with the company is soon resolved, perhaps you'll keep us informed?

  JYPX 23:54 26 Jul 2004

Col Urban, Many people will tell you that you should but the cheapest possible pc, when comparing like for like spec, because "all the components inside are exactly the same". I have been doubtful about that for some time. I think there is a lot to be said for buying Compaq,hp, Sony, in other words pc world or staples. Best of luck.

  matt1234 08:44 27 Jul 2004

well theyve done all the helpline up, and i have a evesham laptop and my mate has one they cope with gaming very well, any probelms evesham came out to me once without a problem and one phone call to evesham helpline sorts it all and i feel they know what their talking about

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