Beware Digi UK-Pershore

  whinfield 12:04 06 May 2005

After confirming by telephone stock of the product I required I placed an order with Digi UK @ Pershore. Promised delivery next day did not materialise. Telephone call confirmed they did not actually have stock of the item. The item cost, almost £200, had already been debited from my card. It took four weeks and help from Visa to recover my money. Buyer Beware!

  octal 12:53 06 May 2005

While I'm sorry to hear about you bad experience, I wonder if Digi-UK is totally to blame, it sounds like you may have used your Visa Debit card rather than a credit card. It does highlight the risk of using a debit card if you are not there to inspect the goods at the time of purchase.

I'm surprise Visa helped you, because debit cards don't offer the same protection as credit cards do. Debit cards gives total access to your account, as against a credit card which you get a bill for. Usually Visa say you have to negotiate with the vendor over discrepancies. I'm glad it worked out OK for you.

Apologies in advance if this is not the case.

  whinfield 18:56 06 May 2005

Method used was a Visa Credit card.

  octal 19:28 06 May 2005

Apology stands then. But you shouldn't have lost any money, or did you pay the credit card bill before the goods arrived?

  Forum Editor 19:35 06 May 2005

to recover my money".

Unless you had paid your card bill it wasn't your money, it was VISA's money, and they would recover it from the retailer. That said, your experience obviously wasn't a happy one, and to promise a next day delivery when there's no stock is disgraceful.

Visa debit cards carry the same protection as credit cards. This has been covered several times on BBC2's programme Working lunch.

  961 19:49 06 May 2005

There are 2 different protections working when you use a plastic card to buy something

s75 of the consumer credit act applies to credit cards. It makes the card issuer jointly liable with the supplier for any disaster that befalls you regarding a purchase between £100 and £30,000 using the card, even if you only pay part of the cost via the card. There is no protection for those using a debit card

Visa International requires its members ( a financial institution issuing debit cards with the Visa symbol on them) to assist and in some cases reimburse card users for a transaction where they use money. I am not aware of a similar protection offered for Mastercard debit card holders

The protection offered to Visa debit card owners is not so comprehensive but may apply to purchases of under £100

  961 19:50 06 May 2005

....."where they LOSE money..." in para 3

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