Beware the dell-trick.

  Piot57 22:58 22 Feb 2006

It's a variation of 3-card trick, only you get NO back-ups whatsoever: you haveto invent your own. Pity I wasn't told this before I bought the package with 1Gb Ram, Hyperthreading (which not all products are happy with!)150Gb HD space, shrunkem to ca 134GB because of mysterious sectors that you're not allowed to see.. To cap it all, you have to make your own Windows boot disk, using Dell's setup, and then re-installing means losing ALL your HD partition C:...I don't know if the magic partitions are affected like the person who thought this daft, penny-pinching idea up.
Isn't there anyone out there with a new Dimension from Dell?

  Forum Editor 23:41 22 Feb 2006

this should be in Consumerwatch.

Secondly, this daft, penny-pinching idea is standard practice - the "mysterious" partition holds all the Windows XP files, and it's hidden so that you don't feel tempted to format it, or fiddle with essential system files.

Restoring the computer will have the effect of returning it to its factory state, and that's common practice as well.

Nothing whatever to do with 3-card tricks.

As for backups - backups of what?

I'm moving the thread to Consumerwatch now.

  ade.h 23:55 22 Feb 2006

Backups of installed software I guess, but wouldn't they be included in the hidden partition anyway?

Saying that, I do think that this is very poor form; I count myself pretty lucky that, when I bought a laptop last November - my first off-the-shelf PC for years - it came with an OEM copy of Windows and a CD of software. Not a recovery CD in sight.

  SANTOS7 10:08 23 Feb 2006

So on what basis did you buy this PC, now you have ripped it to pieces, maybe a little research into the product first would have helped...

  Dellman 10:54 23 Feb 2006

I ordered a Laptop .........negotiated what I thought was a good deal.....Web price £934...spoke to Sales and got same for £710....however when Laptop arrived, Windows Media Center was not included nor was the case!!......After hours of being bounced around to unhelpful staff in Sales, Customer Care, message minders, non-existant extensions and calls being cut-off maneaged to get the case....its now on its way (and they've upgraded to the executive Leather @ £61!!!!), however Media Center, I understand can not be up-graded from Windows XP and would have to have been installed by Dell at the f we want to pursue this aspect of the order, the only way is to return the item.....and re-order!! Dell have included their version of Media Experience, so may just stick with waht we got.....

  Totally-braindead 11:01 23 Feb 2006

I'm afraid it is standard practise, as far as I know its to keep costs down, the PC manufacturers get a special price from Microsoft and consequently can make the overall price of the PC cheaper.
I wouldn't exactly describe it as a trick but I don't like it. I've known a few people that have had computer problems and lost the lot and of course with no XP disk they are up the creek without a paddle.
A friend of mine just ordered a basic Dell PC a couple of weeks ago and the first thing I'll be doing is to check what it has in the way of a disk or partition and make up a restore disk if you can do this.
Also have to point out that its not just Dell that do this, many other manufacturers do the same.

  Confab 13:31 23 Feb 2006

I’ve Just bought a Dell Dimension 9150, in fact it arrived yesterday. After a bit of research and a discussion with the sales guy I have all software, drivers and diagnostic stuff and the O/S (Media Centre)on CD's.

The Web price was £936 but I got it for £880. I ordered a CDRW and it was delivered with a CDRW and a DVD ROM drive (two separate drives) I've taken the DVD Rom out and replaced it with a DVD RW. It's a superb PC, very quite and suits me, the kids and Mrs Confab perfectly.

You are in the best position before you part with your cash. It really does pay to do a little research and tell them what you expect. Your invoice would have detailed the precise spec of the PC and software.

  Confab 13:38 23 Feb 2006

quite = quiet

  rmcqua 13:44 23 Feb 2006

Nice machine but I'm really surprised that it didn't come with a DVDRW at that price!

  Confab 14:06 23 Feb 2006

I had a spare one that I bought a few months ago so I took it off the spec list and used the cash to upgrade the sound card.


  beynac 14:27 23 Feb 2006

Yes I have a fairly new Dell and I'm very happy with it. Is this a continuation/duplication of your other thread? click here As I said there, you can very easily get a Windows XP CD. This is not a boot/recovery disk, it is a full system disk.

What are you actually trying to do? If you tell us, maybe we can help.

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