beware of this company claims direct

  finerty 18:22 25 Apr 2012

claims direct?

bee getting loss of phone calls from this so called company but uses a po box no. Never gave my details to them. Thought you pc advisor should be aware of them

They claim to have:

[email protected] has over 80,000 customers and currently manages over £2.5million in compensation every month. The average compensation award for a loan insurance claim is £2245. So don’t delay,contact me for a form to be sent to you today so that we can start processing your claim. If you have any questions please do not hesita...te to call us. Cheryl Ward Sales Closer [email protected] 01933 698538 ext 4010 Consumer Credit License Number 625271 Smart Solutions, PO Box 7252, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 8WS.

  Pine Man 19:01 25 Apr 2012

This is a company run by solicitors Russell Jones & Walker and you can contact them at:- Claims Direct 1st Floor St James' House 7 Charlotte Street Manchester United Kingdom M1 4DZ

  birdface 12:25 27 Apr 2012


Maybe they know that you are entitled to claim Cash back from your Bank.maybe a loan or a mortgage which had been missold.

If none of those apply to you ignore the calls.The caller does give her e-mail address and phone number 01933 is either Wellingborough or Rushden but looking at Rushden it should be a Northampton tel code which would start 01604 I believe.

Been getting lots of phone calls.Have you also been getting e-mails or did you just type the address given on the phone calls.

  morddwyd 19:59 27 Apr 2012

Why are you telling us to beware?

Have you any evidence that they are not kosher?

  Forum Editor 23:55 27 Apr 2012

Like mordwydd, I'm wondering why you have included the word 'beware' in your thread title, and like him I would like to know if you have any evidence that the company concerned is anything other than a perfectly legitimate operation.

Law firm Russell Jones & Walker has worked very hard to rebuild the business it acquired in 2003 after it (Claims Direct)went into administration under previous management. As far as I'm aware the company is now a thriving business - you don't have an advertising budget of £5 million a year if you're not a going concern.

  spuds 11:13 28 Apr 2012

"worked very hard to rebuild a business"

They do not seem to be working all that hard in preventing annoyance to people who may not be the least interested in obtaining their services. If they are the actually company involved?.

On a personal note, I have always accepted that some of these company's wanted to seek clients, but it as now become the case, for me and mine, that the daily inconveniences of phone calls (10am to 8.30pm Monday to Saturday, recorded or human) and the like are getting well above the acceptance level. And that's on an ex-directory provided telephone line, so my and my families details are possibly being passed or sold-on, as a commercial venture?.

Even when you actually tell a human to remove your details from their records, it appears that another company (within the same group perhaps?) takes over.

This just doesn't apply to claims companies or similar, but also to one particular power company, whose agents appear to ignore your instructions, and regard their annoyance as a bit of a wind-up.

I have mentioned on this forum before, about a friend who was constantly being annoyed by repeatedly phone calls from one company, that he eventually obtained the CEO's personal details. A few return of favour phone calls to the CEO, soon brought threats of legal action from the CEO, because he wasn't very pleased about the annoyance he was getting. Eventually a compromise, of you stop annoying me, and I'll stop annoying you was reached. No further calls were made.

I suppose it can be very surprising, how some VIP's tend to resort to threats of legal action, perhaps as an act of further intimidation, yet see themselves above readdress or the law?

That's the sort of world we now seem to live in, and some seem to regard this as acceptable, fine and part of modern day commerce. its about time, these activities were stopped, and the supposedly watchdogs took real serious action against the repeated offender's.

Rather a long rant for first thing Saturday morning!.

  BT 12:46 28 Apr 2012

..constantly being annoyed by repeated phone calls from one company..

As has been said on numerous occasions in the past, subscribing to the Telephone Preference Service will stop the greater majority of UK based 'Cold Calls'

Overseas based calls are more difficult to stop but a request to remove your details from their Database sometimes works.

  ahoe_RJW 17:26 18 Jul 2012

Hi, my name's Andy Hoe and I'm the Head of UK Marketing for Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors (part of Slater & Gordon Lawyers) which owns Claims Direct. I hope you don't mind the interruption and apologies for not responding sooner. I'm very sorry to read that a number of you have been receiving 'cold calls' from businesses using the name Claims Direct. I can assure you that this is not from us. We have found that this is a regular problem and we have had to take legal action against a number of businesses that have been using this name for their own purposes. We take this issue of 'passing off' very seriously and any information you have regarding any calls you've received, please let me know and I will investigate.

We don't and will never 'cold call' - firstly, we don't think it's an appropriate way to contact people and secondly, our regulatory body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, bans us from doing so. Any law firm found 'cold calling' would be in breach of our code and face penalties. I hope this clears up any confusion and many thanks for the comments by the Forum Editor. If anyone posting has any additional details to the ones they've already left here regarding businesses making these calls using the Claims Direct name then please let me know [email protected]

By the way, using the Telephone Preference Service is a good thing; it definitely reduces the number of UK based calls that come through to you

  Forum Editor 21:27 18 Jul 2012


Thank you for your helpful response, Andy.

  john bunyan 19:34 19 Jul 2012

You can apply to BT for anonymous call rejection; this will stop overseas calls, but will also stop any overseas friends getting through!

Anonymous call rejection

  finerty 20:36 21 Jul 2012

so there is proof that you should beware of cold callers and those tat claim that they are not who they are..........

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