Beware Belkin SurgeMaster Surge Protectors

  Andybear 12:23 16 Jun 2003

After reading a recent thread about how brilliant the Belkin SurgeMaster surge protectors were I decided to get one. That was a big mistake. It arrived this morning and I plugged all my PC equipment into it. I then switched the computer on and found that Windows had crashed, with an undemountable boot error. Mesh tech support were worse than useless and in desperation I rang the Microsoft support number that was in the little booklet supplied with Mesh computers. A very helpful engineer there took me through the 'Recovery CD' procedures and thankfully all is now running fine (touch wood - my head'll do). When I explained to him how this problem had occurred he said it sounded as if the surge protector had done the opposite of what it was supposed to be doing and suggested I return it to where I bought it. I have just rung Staples (from whom I ordered it on line) and they are coming to pick it up tomorrow.

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:51 16 Jun 2003

I would be surprised if that is true for the simple reason that if you had a surge in the power supply it would have stopped hardware from working. I think it is more likely to be a coincidence that you had a problem after plugging the Belkin protector in rather than a direct cause.

You may like to have a look at this: click here and see if it matches the problem.

Shame about Mesh, am surprised at M$ as they don't normally provide support for OEM software. Must have been a quiet day on the frontline!

  Giggle n' Bits 13:23 16 Jun 2003

related Hardware problem or Software not a surge Protection device to cause this.

  onokeck 13:37 16 Jun 2003

Your prob is not likely to have been caused by the Surgemaster. If you think so, then contact Belkin. Why bother with Staples? Belkin has an insurance proviso when you purchase their product, but I should think you will be told the same as I and other thread responders have told you.I would look to Mesh if I were you!! (See my recent thread "Belkin Does It Again".) Casey

  Andybear 14:25 16 Jun 2003

While I was on the computer before I plugged everything into the Surgemaster it was fine. I then switched off the computer, plugged everything into the Surgemaster, switched the computer back on again and bang - it wouldn't work. Perhaps it is a coincidence but if so, it's a massive one. Anyway the recovery procedures have been carried out so at the moment everything is fine.

  Sir Radfordin™ 14:32 16 Jun 2003

Plugging something into the power supply could not have caused a problem that could be resolved by using the recovery procedures!

  Andybear 15:14 16 Jun 2003

Thanks for your comments everyone. I accept that it was just a coincidence.

  Q-Bie 19:07 16 Jun 2003

Unmountable boot volume errors, if thats what they are, are quick common in windows XP unfortunatly, from my personal experence in PC World. Most of the time you can either recover the PC, or if you have a genunine XP cd just drop to recovery console and type

chkdsk /r

to fix it.

I'd go online and download Service Pack 1 for XP as soon as possible, so it doesn't happen again :)

  Andybear 20:12 16 Jun 2003

Thanks Q-Bie

I've only had my PC since January this year and have downloaded all the updates since then. Earlier today I checked that I was up to date on them and I am. But I'll download it to be on the safe side.

  Andybear 20:15 16 Jun 2003


Forgot to say - I have a Recovery CD from Mesh and did what you suggest, with the help of a Microsoft engineer (couldn't get through to the Mesh software team) - that's what fixed it. I'm just pleased the the Recovery CD had the recovery console on it.

Thanks again everyone.

  Andybear 20:17 16 Jun 2003

I've just checked my system and I already have Service Pack 1 installed.

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