Beware of 2004 Norton sytem works

  son-of-a-gun 20:43 03 Jun 2004

If your using Norton System works 2004 be careful of formatting your hard drive, because after you have completed formats on the Hd on 5 occasions, system works will not re- activate, and from what I can see will not update the virus definitions either, until you telephone Norton requesting then to fiddle about at their end, this obviously can be a pain in the butt if like me, you fiddle a lot. It’s happened to me on two occasions now with genuine software.
Not sure if they operate only during business hours, but if they do, this may leave you with no virus protection until the next day.
They tell me this is to avoid piracy, yet the only thing they ask when you phone them is for the serial number of your CD software.

To me this is like buying a car that after 5 journeys refuses to start until you contact the maker. Not Acceptable.
Whats the point of having AV that refuses to update because you have formatted more than they the makers think is necessary.

I have purchased in the past Norton 2001 2003 now 2004 although I like these packages Sorry Norton you have no chance with me purchasing anymore software until this practise stops.

During the time I’ve formatted the Hd the number of occasions of which is my business, not that of Peter Norton, I have not had to re submit the serial number or reactivate Windows XP.
I will be going for a freebie AV next time.

  Forum Editor 07:02 04 Jun 2004

more often in the future, as manufacturers continue the battle against piracy. Although, as you say, the number of times you format your drive is your affair, 5 times is probably far more than the average. I certainly haven't formatted a single drive more than twice. I can't remember this point cropping up before with Norton, which may be an indication that very few people have met with the same situation.

Irritating as it may be this is something that's here to stay, and the protection afforded by the software for most people is worth more than the irritation that will be experienced by the very few who format as often as you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:16 04 Jun 2004

I've never formatted a drive more than I missing something? I really think there is a slight over-reaction here. Surely a phone call is not too onerous a task? If you had copyrighted the programme I feel that there would be similar measures in place to ensure that you were not robbed...welcome to 2004.


I am a habitual tinkerer, and have to format frequently as it is the only way of correcting problems I have caused - it is the way I learn about computers.Using the car analogy again, there are those who get in and drive the car blissfully unaware of what is under the bonnet, and there are those that like to do their own servicing.
I have never,ever, used illegal software, and feel resentful that I have to be put to the inconvenience (yes Gandalf) it is an inconvenience, of having to keep making telephone calls to continue to enjoy the software licence for which I have paid. As always it is the innocent who suffer; especially as it is so easy to circum-navigate any software protection currently available.
Everyone should vote with their feet and not use products that put restrictions on how you use it.

  party-time 09:43 04 Jun 2004

Norton, how about a USB dongle? That'll solve everybody's problem, won't it?

  byfordr 09:49 04 Jun 2004

Do you mean as anti-piracy protection? I remember about 10-15 years ago they tried that as a game protection (Robocop I think) there were copies freely available BEFORE the game had been released.


  Charence 13:39 04 Jun 2004

When you say it doesn't work, does the Autoprotect and E-mail not work? I have formatted my computer many times, and this time my copy of Norton Antivirus 2003 will not install properly, the only function which works is the weekly scan. I then reformatted to try to solve problem but it persisted. Am I experiencing the same problem you did? If so what do I do?

Thank you


  son-of-a-gun 17:20 04 Jun 2004

ELECTRON99 (Habitual tinkering) I’m with you mate me too, and I enjoy it.
Just had Twin SATA or RAID or something, and like you, faffing about creating arrays removing etc is the only way I learn, I found SATA / RAID very confusing and wanted to know how to set this up and learning by your own mistakes is, I find the most effective way to understand how to recover in the event that you do suffer a disaster.

Not wishing to be rude to anyone anywhere, if I wanted to format each day, then that’s not a problem to others, only me, and therefore it’s my business only.

I wouldn’t criticise people who never format and reinstall, because that’s their business.

I fully understand the need to protect copyrights, but surely if someone gave or sold on a copy of a programme like Norton SW they would also pass on the serial number too, otherwise activation and updates could not work, making the programme worthless passing on, obviously this is to the benefit of the manufacturer, but in my opinion inconvenience to the genuine customer.

My whole point to this is the fact that you telephone the required telephone number, they ask what the serial number of the CD is, no other information was requested, not even a name, how can this protect copyright.
Windows XP is supposed to be very well protected, yet I only had to activate XP on the first occasion I used the PC, for all the formats I’ve done, never have I had to reactivate XP or contact Microsoft.

GANDALF <|:-)> Again not wanting to be rude,
But if you don't want to tinker, your missing nothing at all, and that is your business, not mine.

  son-of-a-gun 17:30 04 Jun 2004

Sorry Charence, I missed your point, on mine when this happened I was directed to a world wide list of telephone numbers, but I do not now have them available,the correct number will depend on your location but I do not have the numbers available now. I would guess the protection of the AV on the CD would work, it's the update's that would not. Without net activation within 15 day's, I understand even a purchased new disk will not update. How would a person with no internet access get on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:00 04 Jun 2004

I'm afraid that if yo do 'tinker' you have to accept the consequences. I still think this is total over-reaction.


  son-of-a-gun 18:29 04 Jun 2004


If you haven’t done so already, try uninstalling all of Norton AV or S/Works, to do this I’m sure you do need the CD in the drive during the uninstall process, reboot the PC then re-install again.

If this fails, you could try updating directly from Symantec web site, but if your AV is not working at all, i.e. you have a red cross through the Norton AV Icon by the clock, you run the risk of being infected by the sasser virus and maybe others during the time your on the net trying to get things going again.
Hope this helps.

Cheers, son of a gun.

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