best wireless network company

  Viv-208691 22:44 01 Mar 2004

i am going to send aol around my house using a wireless network. basically, i would be v.v.grateful if you could tell me a company that you recomend v.highly, or for that matter not at all! Simply the model would do (especially if it was good at sending signals through thick walls, which i have)

Thanks, your cooperation would be gratefully received

  ajm 23:06 01 Mar 2004

I am using a Netgear DG834M Wireless ADSL Router with Modem built in and a BuffaltoTech 54G PCMCIA for my laptop. Signal is very good if you place the router in the right place and height. i have used the Laptop from the garden to access the BB Internet and share files without a big decrease in signal strenght.
Ofcourse, the further you are away from the access point, the weaker the signal.

  byfordr 00:26 02 Mar 2004

Couldn't agree more. Using the Netgear DG834G, set up in all of 30 seconds! Was previously using the 824m. (Now inherited by my Dad) Both have been excellent, I rather suspect I shall be using a time.


  jjf72 13:04 02 Mar 2004

Just installed a network using D-Link PCI and PCMCIA cards. 20 quid each from ebuyer. Easy setup and work fine.

  Viv-208691 17:17 02 Mar 2004

thankyou, v.much appreciated, is there any advantage in getting a high number (eg 54) of mbps if i intend to solely send to 4 computers?? would 11/22 surfice?


  JerryJay 17:26 02 Mar 2004

BB is only 512K, so 11MB is more than enough.

  Viv-208691 17:57 02 Mar 2004

cheers, but would it be a good idea to get 54mb so that my equipment is future proof?? Will I regret only getting 11mb in a year or 2 say?



  mikef. 17:59 02 Mar 2004

Just an alternative I'm typing this through my Belkin ADSL Modem/Wirelss Router which has an excellent connection. In fact my BB connection seems slightly quicker than before.

  Viv-208691 18:06 02 Mar 2004

what model is that exactly??-do you use it through particularly thick wall?-because if i have any, that will be my problem.

  mikef. 18:46 02 Mar 2004

It's the F5D7630, I've not got pareticularly thick walls but it works fine from the garden.

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