best wifi dongle

  tugtac 17:48 24 Sep 2009

I need a reasonably priced wifi usb dongle, any recommendations or perhaps what to avoid?

  sunnystaines 17:53 24 Sep 2009

if you live in its signal area "3" is very good, had recent problems with t-mobile on their unlimited pay as you go and regret getting one.

not tried the others.

  Jak_1 04:29 26 Sep 2009

My niece has a 3 dongle and had no problem with it until this week. I bought her a £25 topup for her to useat University however there unavailability problems trying to do it online. So me being me did it over the phone and got it wrond! I used the automated service and should have gone through their helpdesk and so it was never converted to an addon, very important as I found out. However the nice people at 3 sorted it all out for me and said as it was a genuine mistake they would convert the topup into the required addon.
Other than that she has had good service from 3 dongle and would reccomend it to anyone.

  sunnystaines 09:01 26 Sep 2009

I have been told that if you 3m usb [above 3 meter my mess the signal]extender cable and put the dongle on the end it can help with signals buy placing the dongle by an open window.

apparently you can buy extended aerials for "3" but tried two of their shops and they knew about them but did not sell them.

  simonjary 10:03 26 Sep 2009

PC Advisor mobile broadband price comparison here:

click here

  curofone 10:20 26 Sep 2009

am i missing something here? tugtac asked about a wifi dongle and every answer has been about mobile internet/3g dongles these two technologies are completly different

A wifi dongle would allow you to contect a computer up to a wireless network ie the ones that most of us have in our houses now or hotspots such as airports etc, while a 3g dongle would allow you to connect up to the mobile network and and recieve an internet connection wherever a 3g signal is present, they will not allow you to connect to a wifi network.

tugtac it might actually be useful to clarify what you are actually asking about wifi dongles or mobile internet dongles?

  tugtac 13:35 26 Sep 2009

thanks, the dongle is to fit in my desktop which is not wifi enabled, so that i can connect up with the wifes laptop which is wifi enabled.Hope that makes my requirement clearer

  oldbeefer2 14:30 26 Sep 2009

The PC does not need to be wirelessly connected - I have a hard wired PC and wireless laptop that run off the same router. Both can access the printer.

  chub_tor 16:55 26 Sep 2009

If you cannot connect with a wire (faster and more reliable) then this dongle click here is as good as any

  chub_tor 16:59 26 Sep 2009

But this click here is even better value - might get one myself as a spare.

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