Best way to sell an old PC?

  pauldonovan 20:39 29 Mar 2005


I've got an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Evesham PC, typical spec (512MB RAM, CD-RW, CD, decentish sound card (soundblaster audigy), 5.1 speakers, cordless mouse, 100GB HDD, 56k Modem, 10/100 network, Windows XP Home) which has a 17" Samsung TFT screen with it.

I was wondering if Ebay is the best bet and if so should I sell both PC and TFT together or separately? There seem to be a lot of PCs without monitors on there (may just be because people keep the monitor and change base unit), and also TFTs on their own.

I thought about selling it via CeX as well as i've used them in the past but they don't give you much as they have to make a profit.

Any ideas on what the above would be worth would be much appreciated also.



have a for sale section, not worth finding some on their?

  JonnyTub 00:00 30 Mar 2005

Your local paper is about your best bet for getting the most cash back.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:05 30 Mar 2005

Your local paper is by far the best way. Selling on Ebay involves hefty postal charges for a computer and monitor which put some people off. There is also the problem with *ahem* gentle handling. Ask 250 squid and accept 200 squid (only because of the monitor), the computer is worth less than £100 on it's own.

  garrema 13:24 30 Mar 2005

Paul; Would agree with the local paper.
Don't disregard Ebay - state clearly its a buyer collects - you will be surprised how far people will drive (& how much they will pay also). This removes the delivery/damage worry. Have a look under the computer section to see what the markets like.
Don't forget to clean that hardrive up!

  pauldonovan 13:48 30 Mar 2005


  NinkyRudes 16:08 30 Mar 2005

Local paper - definitely. It may involve a small initial outlay, but your chances of hitting your target price are much higher this way.

Many eBay users are supremely competent in PC technology, and most won't spend a penny over the odds. Your average Joe isn't.

Via the local ad-paper, I managed to sell my Pentum III 800, 17in CRT etc for THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS last year!!! Admittedly I chucked in tons of free stuff, but it was all well out of date. I only paid £500 for it in early 2001!

He was (and still is, I'm sure) supremely chuffed that he didn't have to shell out more for what was clearly a gift for his young son. If you do a good deal and throw in all you can, then your 'bundle' will beat ANY manufacturer's in terms of productivity/fun.

Not bad.

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