best way to improve performance for games

  payperview 07:57 01 Dec 2004

hi thinking of upgrading my pc for games..i have a 2.20ghz celeron,XP home edition, 256mb ram..and a sparkle geforce4 mx440 agp get better performance with games like call of duty..would i be better off buying more ram...or upgrading my grfx card to a PNY geforce fx5500 128mb for £60?...which would give me the best results quickest?

  PsiFox 10:17 01 Dec 2004

Consider fitting 1gig of RAM. It makes a big difference.

The 5500 is an ok card but pcworld have a good offer on at the moment for the 5700.

If you can only do 1 go for the RAM first


  TomJerry 11:47 01 Dec 2004

if £60 is the max limit

Ebuyer 256MB DDR333 PC2700 Extra Value Ram £21.73 click here

Sapphire Radeon 9550 128MB DDR AGPx8 TV-Out DVI-I Lite Retail Box £42.06 click here

if you can increase your budget by £17, better to get a ATI 9600: Sapphire Radeon 9600 APG x8 128MB DDR DVI-I TV-Out Lite Retail £57.51 click here

  PsiFox 12:09 01 Dec 2004

Not all games work well on line with 512Mb When playing BF or mods for instance 5412MB takes upto 2 mins to load a map on broadband. With 1 gig less than 30 seconds.

The extra ram from512 to 1 gig does make a difference.

If you get the gfx without the ram you will find you have to use the lower gfx settings to play which obviously defeats the point of getting a better card.


  gudgulf 12:45 01 Dec 2004

I would definitely up the ram to 512Mb fist off as this will improve not only games but everything you do on your pc.

If you can stretch your overall budget a little bit then check out your local branch of PC World for the offer on a Gfx5700 as suggested by PsiFox click here

Those two together should work wonders.

  BITS&BOBS 12:46 01 Dec 2004

The first priority is your graphics card spend as much as you can as if you had say a FX 5500 with 1GB of RAM it would be outperformed by a FX 5700 with 512MB of RAM.

RAM will help with loading times but unless you are in the upper range of cards then 512MB is fine spend as much as you can on a graphics card and get to 512MB RAM WHICH IS PLENTY for games as without spending £150+ on graphics card you will be playing with lower setting anyway so it wont especially with you cpu make any difference noticable to you.

  BITS&BOBS 12:48 01 Dec 2004

Read this :click here

  payperview 15:56 01 Dec 2004

thnx for all the help guys...grabbed the fx5700...made a big difference...but think ure right about the ram...gonna grab 1gb asap...any ideas on what i should be paying for that...and the best place to get it from?

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