Best VPN to watch UK tv abroad?

  pageaj01 09:49 24 Sep 2015

Can anyone advise me which VPN provider is the best for this purpose. I only need a monthly subscription as it is only when I am on vacation that I need the service.

  onthelimit1 10:26 24 Sep 2015

My offspring in Sweden and Sydney swear by Tunnelbear.

  john bunyan 17:01 24 Sep 2015

My grand daughter whilst in China for 3 months used Golden Frog at $19.99 a month and used it for facebook, google etc, which are barred in China. I would only pay a month at a time as to cancel t was a bit tricky via my PayPal, as her phone was stolen and I needed the password to cancel it.

  Devil Fish 23:49 24 Sep 2015

ill 2nd tunnel bear gives you 500meg data free or 1 gig free if you tweet them references to bears work well. Think monthly subscription is $6.99 with out looking but if you don,t use it that much 1 gig free may be ok for you

  Devil Fish 23:50 24 Sep 2015

sorry should add subscription gives you unlimited data

  scales 09:51 25 Sep 2015

There are a few free versions out there as well. I have used CyberGhost which has a free version but the free version has fewer servers than the paid for version and you have to log on again after three hours. That should be long enough to watch a programme. I think I got onto CyberGhost from a PC Advisor article on best free VPN's for 2015. Do a search on PC Advisor and Free VPN for the article.

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