Acerak 18:25 21 Mar 2004

I want to buy an NVidia card of at least 128mb. It needs to be an NVidia one due to compatibility problems with my (very temperamental) PC.
I've trawled most of the on-line sites but the number of different cards is just doing my head in!!
Any advice is much appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 18:55 21 Mar 2004

You don't mention a budget, this is what will decide how good a card you can get. Regarding Nvidia cards avoid the XT versions, they are cut down versions of the full cards, unlike the XT version of the Ati cards which are quite a lot faster than the standard cards. Confusing isn't it. I just bought a FX5600 a couple of months ago for £115, now you can get a FX5700 for about the same.

  Acerak 19:11 21 Mar 2004

That's exactly the kind of help I was looking for. I was thinking of going for a 5600 myself, if the 5700 are roundabout the same price, I may as well go with that!

  rickf 19:22 21 Mar 2004

But get a 256 not 128 for the price.

  fuzzyone 20:52 21 Mar 2004


you will be hard pushed to beat this. click here

  gudgulf 23:45 21 Mar 2004

Cant agree with Totally-Braindead on this --check out the reviews of th gfx5900xt at click here

Not the cheapest card you can buy,but a full 8 pipelines give performance the same as a radeon 9700pro for about the same price as a radeon 9600xt or gfx5700 ultra.THis card is at the bottom of the current high end graphics card league but is a fair step up from the cards you are considering for a similar price.

ps I only mention the Ati cards as examples of equivalent performance.My own card is a gfx5900non-ultra(which is not much different from the xt version--cost me £150)

  simonp1 07:35 22 Mar 2004

click here

The 5900 is good the 5950 is even better...

Well if it has to nVida...

It all depends on if you play much...and if you play alot of online games...also how much can you spend and will you get enough hours in to make it worth while...

  Acerak 07:45 22 Mar 2004

Many thanks to all advice givers. I have built a games machine and on-line gaming is my thing. I recently bought a Radeon 9600 Pro but had major problems hence the request for an NVidia based card, it seems to be the only kind that works!!!!!

  erkmatrix 15:54 23 Mar 2004

yeah I have a Radeon 9500 and its never worked properly with my machine , contacted ATI many a time and just all they send me to help is a list of possible problems but not specific to my problem and don't seem to be able to get to actually get in touch with a actual person to help.

My machine crashes when playing games and playing dvds and I have updated the card drivers and everything but it still does it, must be a faulty card so I'm too after a new card and going to try NVidia based card I think.


  rickimalone 10:00 24 Mar 2004

I've just bougt a new Mesh machine that came with a FX 5900XT 128MB and the card has performed very well indeed.

My system is::

AMD64 3000+



160 S-ATA HD

With this configuration my PC has hit 5149 in 3DMark 03 which higher than the magazine's clocked it at.
I've seen these card's as low as £169.99 so if you did look at these card it comes very highly recommended and great value for money.

What problems is it you have then?

PS If you are into online gaming then drop by click here

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