best value DVD recorder views please

  canard 18:31 30 Aug 2005

click here could I do better for transferring videos to save space.

  canard 20:12 30 Aug 2005

Not cleat which sort- DVD for using with VHS and TV not PC.

  canard 11:58 01 Sep 2005

The answer seems to be Liteon 5006 from Argos £130.

  SEASHANTY 20:44 01 Sep 2005

Go for the Panasonic. Panasonic have the best picture quality, the most connectivity (for other inputs such as Freeview STB's and vcr's. They also allow you to use DVD-RAM discs which allow time shifting. (Ram discs act like a hard drive and the Liteons do not support DVD-RAM).

Plus the price Ebuyer are selling at is about the price is would have cost you for a freeview box two years ago.

There is no contest.

  Meng 10:00 02 Sep 2005

I have been eyeing the panasonic dvd recorder as well as it appears that its quality is better than Liteon.
But I also read some reviews that claim that for whatever reason DVDs recorded (not just DVD-RAM)by the panasonic are not playable on other DVD players. Apparently, Panasonic warns its customer of this on its manual.
Any with a panasonic DMRES10 care to comment?

  SEASHANTY 20:27 02 Sep 2005

No trouble playing back dvd-r discs in any players yet. These are discs recorded on my Panasonic recorders DMR-E85 and DMR-E60. The DVD-RAM discs will only playback on players which support DVD-RAM e.g. Panasonic, JVC and NAD.

Most of the DVD recorder manuals state that certain discs may not playback in dvd players depending on the media used. They state that to cover themselves. Take it with a pinch of salt.

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  Jim Thing 11:51 03 Sep 2005

Seashanty's advice is sound IMO. I recently bought a Panasonic DMRE85H (well-built unit, excellent quality output but steepish learning curve for wrinkly persons like meself) and have used it to put a lot of old home movies, etc. onto DVD-R so that the six members of my family can have a copy each. These disks play without problems on at least four different makes of DVD player and several PCs.

Hope this helps a bit.


  spuds 23:48 03 Sep 2005

If you want a direct tranfer click here

  Monoux 10:13 04 Sep 2005


  Mcfearty 15:16 05 Sep 2005

Would you recommend the DMR-E60 for transferring old home made VHS video tapes to DVD? eg old films taped from the television etc. The idea is to save cupboard space.

I take it they have to be taped in real time initially to the HDD or a disc?

  Stuartli 16:47 05 Sep 2005

Don't laugh but Ideal World has a Lite-On DVD Recorder at £99.99 at present:

click here

There's also another method which I've mentioned in another thread:

click here

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