Best type/brand of wireless keyboard

  ripply 21:22 12 Nov 2013

My mother wants a new wireless keyboard for christmas. She says she doesn't want a Bluetooth one, it must be wireless. I don't know much about these things and would really appreciate advice on the best one to buy. She uses it for her 'smart' TV. I've seen some that don't seem to have a mouse pad like a laptop has so I was wondering how its possible to move around the screen. Maybe I was looking at the wrong thing. Could anyone tell me a good brand/type? Or even what to look for. I don't want to let her down.

  xania 11:44 13 Nov 2013

Have you checked the web site of the Smart TV manufacturer? They may have a preferred option, or even supply one themselves. Don't know anything about these devices but I would have thought that a pointing device was as important as a keyboard.

  HondaMan 13:10 13 Nov 2013

look at Logitech

  ripply 19:39 13 Nov 2013

I'm not sure what system she has. My uncle set it up on her regular LCD tv so she can use iplayer. It has a home screen with google on it just like a computer and lots of options buttons at the bottom to access media files and search for things. It's not a proper smart tv, it's just been converted that way. I've looked at a Logitech one on amazon. Would that be suitable? It has a mouse touchpad so she can move it around the screen. She'll be using it whilst sitting on the sofa. There's no desk so she can't have one with a regular mouse.

  ripply 19:41 13 Nov 2013

Sorry, what is a 'pointing' device? Do I need one as well as the keyboard?

  hastelloy 19:44 13 Nov 2013

Pointing device = mouse or equivalent.

  Woolwell 21:45 13 Nov 2013

The most important thing is how is the keyboard going to connect to the TV? How has the TV been converted? Is there a box anywhere? A standard wireless keyboard (with or without track pad) may not work.

  cyberphobic 22:00 13 Nov 2013

I think that the only person who is likely to know the answer to this question is your uncle - swear him to secrecy and ask him!

  ripply 22:28 14 Nov 2013

It's connected to a computer. Like a PC computer but it's just the box, there's no monitor screen. Apparently, she was told that Bluetooth keyboards are no good and wireless is better but I realise they're basically the same thing. She is currently using an old Bluetooth one given to her by a friend who had it spare from years ago so I guess the system is not too fussy. Problem is the mousepad is a bit temperamental.

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