best time to buy a laptop

  [DELETED] 13:48 06 Jan 2006

hi there

im looking to buy a laptop at the moment, and doing a lot of research.

not looking for anything superpowerful, but not something completely weedy , spending between £500-600.

Ive spent some time in the shops in tottenham court rd, and one of the sales people there reckoned that early Feb is a good time to buy, as new models will be hitting the market, and i should be able to get a better spec (older model) machine for a cheaper price.

is this good advise? am i more likely to find a better machine for my money in early February than if i take the plunge and buy sooner??


  [DELETED] 17:53 06 Jan 2006

click here

bought 2 of these for my kids just before Xmas for £420 Each by phoning and haggling with the sales team rather than going through the website
stunning looking Machines to

  [DELETED] 17:56 06 Jan 2006

Sorry should read £460

  [DELETED] 17:59 06 Jan 2006

^^^thanks for this.. funnily enough ive been very close to getting that very machine..

was it £420 inc vat or excluding vat? which model did you go for?

  [DELETED] 18:17 06 Jan 2006

£460 including VAT, the one advertised at £588 the only difference in spec being it had a 1.4 processor not the 1.7 now advertised. Service was excellent arrived by courier 5 days after ordering

  [DELETED] 19:05 06 Jan 2006

foreignmuck Sorry to hijack your post but it sounds like you got a result

That’s very interesting as I have now heard that on this forum a few times and with different companies, very used to haggling over car prices or face to face in an electrical shop etc…Do you do this in one call as you may not get the same person if you call again, or do they call back.
No doubt you confirm the spec on the phone, compared against the online spec?
I tend to shop online because of price, but if telephone haggling is cheaper I may give it a go.

  [DELETED] 11:58 07 Jan 2006

Just asked what the best deal was they could do, as I could buy similar spec Acer's for £400 no hassle really
£150 off quoted price
£60 off for free delivery

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