Best tablet to play mp3's?

  GRC 22:00 12 Sep 2011

I am thinking of using a tablet or similar solely to play music via my hi-fi. having successfully added a bluetooth receiver I have been using my Cowon S9 to play my collection of mp3's. The sound quality is quite good, however the screen is very small so really what I am looking for is a mp3 player with a 7"+ screen! Does anyone have any recomendations for this?

  HondaMan 09:17 13 Sep 2011

Use an iPod. Waste of an iPad to use it just for music!

  Aitchbee 11:20 13 Sep 2011

GRC -I was thinking of collating all of music information onto one place, and all of my actual music into another place.The separation might be useful.The actual organization will be quite time consuming...but worth it.

  GRC 21:43 13 Sep 2011

Can you elaborate AitchBEE..?

  Aitchbee 10:01 14 Sep 2011

GRC - I have many hundreds of CDs and CASSETTE tapes and LP's.(Over 40 years collecting).I have converted about 2% of this into mp3 files.My aim is convert all of my music media into mp3 format,and store it on a big capacity hard drive. The information - like artist,song title, year, etc, I might put on an e-reader.(my friend just got a binatone Readme). It looks good, and would hold all of the relevant info. Basically all of my music stuff, in two places.

  rickf 16:12 14 Sep 2011

Creative Zen W Vision is a really good one up to 32g.

  GRC 21:08 16 Sep 2011

rickf: Interesting, but still a bit small and no bluetooth?

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