Best spec for £1200?

  haircut100 16:21 25 Jan 2004

Hi all, I am looking to buy a new system very soon and have a grand set aside on my credit card to spend plus about £200 I will get from the sale of my current system.

I am hoping for the following specs:

3Ghz p4 CPU
512mb DDR400 ram
High spec gfx card (Ati 9800?)
TFT monitor

Not too bothered about add ons like printer/cameras etc.

Is my budget realistic? I am loathe to buy from places like PC World, would rather order somewhere online. Any advice welcome.

  georgemac 18:14 25 Jan 2004

click here and have a look at this, you can uograde the graphics card if you wish, remeber there is a delivery charge £39 + VAT I think

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 25 Jan 2004

' am loathe to buy from places like PC World'...why? You will miss out on the Medion 3200 for £749 plus monitor...but ho-hum.


  davecrem 18:16 25 Jan 2004

I'm also looking for a similar package, preferably with at least a 128Mb graphics card. Evesham sound a safe bet from other postings, anyone had any experience with carrerassc? There focus extreme 3200S looks good and you can pay it off over a year with no interest!

  haircut100 19:05 25 Jan 2004

I agree georgemac Mesh seem the best up to now, another question for everyone does a 15" TFT monitor have the same size viewing area as a 17" CRT?

  961 19:06 25 Jan 2004

Can I gently say that unless you are fixed on aboslute top speed games I don't think anyone need spend more than £700-£800 these days because the software to need more just ain't around

Anyone care to argue?

  961 19:08 25 Jan 2004

...and if you are into games you will find crt monitors give much better results for half the price...

  jerichobob 19:21 25 Jan 2004


You could try Carrera SSC. Would be an Athlon 3000+, 512mb DDR400, 120Gig 8mb cache HDD, 9800AIW Graphics, DVD multi format, 17" TFT for around £1100. I know 'cos I've got one coming.

Worth a thought anyway!


  PurplePenny 20:24 25 Jan 2004

"does a 15" TFT monitor have the same size viewing area as a 17" CRT?"

Yes, (I happen to have both side by side in front of me).


  georgemac 20:29 25 Jan 2004

PurplePenny, I never knew that, I know a 17" crt is around 16" viewable, is a 15" tft the same?

I use a 17" crt at home, and have used 17" tft's at work. I prefer the crt, I think the quality is much higher, and would only consider a tft if I really was short of space.

  byfordr 22:14 25 Jan 2004

click here

About £50 over your price range but a cracking system including a 18"tft and 9800 pro graphics card

click here select home systems enter 200 d53rev in evalue code...



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