Best printer under £100?

  AdventCalendar 12:19 21 Nov 2003

I was originally going to buy a printer in March this year, but i moved to France for 10 months so put it on wim back in UK, and im after one again. The model i was originally going to get was an "Epson C62"...but obviously things move on.

I would prefer to keep it under £100, but obviously if the printer is superb, then id move upto say £150. I realise that you pay what you get for, and that most people would probably prefer to pay £150+...

The printer would be mainly for tet documents, but i would like to occasionally print pictures from a digital camera.

Appreciate your help....


  March Hare 12:41 21 Nov 2003

Was in Comet yesterday, and saw they had the Epson C44UX at £35 - silly price, almost as cheap as buying new cartridges!

I bought the previous model, the C42UX a few weeks ago. Pretty basic, not very quick, but gives good results for text and photographs.

  Sir Radfordin 12:50 21 Nov 2003

The HP 5652/5650 (same model) seems to be a great printer for the £100 mark - PCW seems the best place to buy as well!

  neko 13:57 21 Nov 2003

Hey there,

I saw today that Asda has the Epson 830 Photo printer for 59.99. Can't be bad. Besides if you don't like it they take anything back. I bought an Epson C62 which is excellent for my needs but I paid the same as for this Photo printer is going for. Worth checking out.
If you have an asda locally and it is not selling the 830 for that price. Then tell them the Grimsby store is and they will match it.
Also remember that compatible cartridges are cheaper for Epsons than others.

  AdventCalendar 17:38 21 Nov 2003

Saw a "Hewlett Packard PSC1205 Printer/Copier/Scanner" on Amazon for £86.42....seems a good price for a 3 in 1, but arent the cartridges dear on HP's?

May go with the Asda Epson.

  shifty 18:05 21 Nov 2003

Get an HP 5550 photo printer from Argos, on sale at £59.95 from original price of £149. I've purchased two to replace ink thirsty Epson C70 and C82 printers. Very impressed with the quality of prints. A bonus is that the cartidges are not chipped so can easily be re-filled.

  kbo64 18:11 21 Nov 2003

G'day Mate,
I've not looked closely, but if you only want a printer for text, I believe there are modest money Laser printers close to your means. If asked I'll look for hard examples.

Best wishes

  AdventCalendar 07:17 22 Nov 2003

Arent HP exepnsive for cartridges tho in general?

cheers kbo....appreciate it.

  drho 11:45 22 Nov 2003

The Canon i320 is a superb little printer.....but I have a couple of reservations. First, it will not take a DL envelope width ways which is, for me, a real pain and, secondly, unlike my previous Epson printer it doesn't actually stop printing when a cartridge has run out. This means that when the low ink warning comes on it is neceesary to keep an eye on the printing (which may continue well for several pages!)which can be very inconvenient.

As I said, it is otherwise a very goodand attractive printer with very cheap compatible cartridges.

  rickf 12:00 22 Nov 2003

Epson 830u for me under a £100. Prints photos very nicely.

  AdventCalendar 12:25 22 Nov 2003

will look at those.

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