Best price Student/Teacher vers Office 2003

  Kalb 17:06 20 Mar 2005

Back in Feb someone posted as part of another thread that WHSmith were selling the S/T vers of Office 2003 for £62....I placed my order pronto presumeably so did many others WHS, who at the time of the order showed the item as out of stock, say they are unable to fulfill the order...I thought it was too good !! No harm done as no money was paid. Where is the cheapest source for M/S Office (S&T vers) in stock at the moment...anyone know ?

  Minkey1 17:42 20 Mar 2005


£89.97 at Amazon if that's any good...

I've never seen it at £62 anywhere.


  Kalb 20:37 20 Mar 2005

Thanks Minkey1 that's better than PCW which seems to have gone up in price and is over £100.

I don't know if anyone managed to buy from WHSmith at their advertised price would be interesting to know

  igr 20:53 20 Mar 2005

I notice that on ebay at the moment you can buy 'new unused Office 2003 full versions with cd key' for 99pence - Yes £0.99 + £3.50 P&P. There appears to be lots of them including buy now. If it appears too good to be true - it's too good to be true! but is it worth a punt!

  Jarvo 07:43 21 Mar 2005
  Kalb 20:27 21 Mar 2005


Thanks for the info....there are a number of different copies of Office 2003 & XP being offered...can't find the 99p one but the others are quite cheap and near time expiry

  TomJerry 20:36 21 Mar 2005

looked a few them, all seems very "strange" to me, for example £39.99 one says it is academic version, but there is no such thing as academic version without link to a particular institution

if you really prepare to use illegal software (or legality is not proven", you might be able to download free from net somewhere

I understand student's difficult, but it is not really right to pay for illegal copies.

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