Best place to buy RAM?

  Josquius 11:57 04 Sep 2006

Simple question- exactly what it says in the title.
I used the crucial memory advisor and got this: click here however that seems a bit expensive (even though laptop ram is expensive) and I'm certain I remember getting better prices elsewhere when I was buying it for my regular computer

  Stuartli 12:18 04 Sep 2006

You usually get what you pay for.

With Crucial you get top notch products and, even more importantly, top notch after sales service.

  spuds 12:24 04 Sep 2006

Crucial and Mr Memory are two good suppliers of memory, with cast iron warranties for their products.

Many other outlets like Ebuyer, Dabs, Novatech, PC World or even the local computer fair will supply memory at 'competitive' prices. It's a case of checking for the latest prices, and make a choice to suit your needs and pocket. At one time, memory prices were very volatile, and from one week or even day, prices could double in price. This doesn't seem to be the case nowadays, and prices seem fairly stable.

In my own computer's, I have used some very cheap memory chips from the local computer fair and Ebuyer, and still after 2/3 years, they are still performing great.This was against advice given, that cheaper memory chips are rubbish, and should be avoided like the plague.Whatever the case, you still have consumer law in your favour!.

  Zaphod 3 13:00 04 Sep 2006

I was looking around yesterday for my Das's pc and eBuyer are selling Crucial memory cheaper than Crucial. Ascertained this by checking the part numbers and they tally up with the Crucial scanner.

  Josquius 16:05 04 Sep 2006

How would I tell which ram is which on this ebuyer?
Which is the important bit of information for compatability on the crucial site?

  Legolas 17:54 04 Sep 2006

Like spuds I have used cheap memory modules from ebuyer and they have been ok, but as I build quite a lot of computers I have found that if the systen fails to boot it is nearly always a bad memory module that is to blame, I think you can get a good batch of cheap memory and a bad batch but for the sake of a few pounds I would recommend going for good memory from Crucial, I have learned through experience that buying decent memory is better and always do it now.

  citadel 19:19 04 Sep 2006

memory is one of the items you should always buy as the retail box version with a warranty.

  Zaphod 3 19:44 04 Sep 2006

Ebuyer sell crucial ram if you look at the Crucil scan it has a part no. On the Ebuyer page they use a Crucial part no in their description

  ezypcy 19:51 04 Sep 2006

I always buy Crucial.
If you decide to buy direct from them, type in 'computeractive' into the coupon box at checkout.
This normally entitles you to a 4% discount.
Granted ,not a fortune but it might buy you a pint.

  josie mayhem 21:28 04 Sep 2006

One of the main differences between cheap and expensive memory is performancce....

In a computer where the main processes are word processing and severing the net, cheaper memory will serve this well. But if you are thinking of using your computer for gaming, video editing or over clocking all labour intensive then I would recommend diffiently going for better memory which costs more....

  wky 21:33 04 Sep 2006

I just bought a stick of memory from an eBay shop and it was £30 cheaper than in retail, although it is second hand. The memory arrived so quick and cheap delivery and it works superb. If you decide to buy from eBay remember to check their feedback and reputation as a seller also ofcourse make sure the memory is compatible.

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