Best PDA?

  Forum Editor 11:57 22 Mar 2003

I've been asked to advise a client on which PDA to buy. I use my laptop and my trusty Psion 5MX when travelling, and although I've flirted with other devices from time to time I haven't felt seriously impressed enough to change.

Now I have to come up with some answers, and I would be very grateful for some views based on experience. The client wants to be able to connect to a keyboard from time to time, and to link to his PC. He travels a good deal, and Internet/email access is important. Size isn't particularly an issue, but the client doesn't want a full-blown laptop. He's an author, so he needs to work with sizeable text documents. Money's not a problem.

Thanks in advance.

  Big Elf 14:08 22 Mar 2003

How about a Psion netBook or Netpad. As he's an author it would be a better typing experience than a PDA even with the mini keyboards you can get for them. The connection to PC is serial though rather than USB.

  Big Elf 14:17 22 Mar 2003

Since the last posting I found this. No warranty but a good price.

click here

  bfoc 18:23 22 Mar 2003

My daughter uses an early HP Jornada (545) with a folding keyboard regularly, it works very well and the keyboard is excellent, but still folds up to about the size, though slightly thicker, of the Jornada.

The IPaq may be a possibility but there is also the new Dell Axim and other makes as well. Since PocketPC's should come with Pocket Word and major expansion capabilities, via the memory sockets, there should not be any problem with using it for long documents. Also it is possible to buy Ipaq's with bluetooth or integrated 802.11b WLAN which might well be useful. There should be no great problem with Internet access and e-mail and of course Pocket Pc's should come with Outlook versions and IR which could be used with many Mobile Phones. Although one can also buy external modems, or modem cards.

One word of advice, as well as the Pocket Pc, keyboard and modem (if needed) budget for at least a couple of good capacity Memory cards (at least 128mb).

  frmarcus 18:34 22 Mar 2003

Which? recently reviewed PDAs a came up with Compaq Ipaq 3950/3970 as Best Buys as well as the Sony Clie (cheaper; lower spec)

  chrishillcoat 19:13 22 Mar 2003

I've got the Compaq 3850 and it's great. Haven't bought a keyboard for it, but I'd go for a later model such as the HP 5450 (I think), or the Dell Axim perhaps.

  ajm 20:13 22 Mar 2003

Maybe he could look at the option of getting something between a PDA and a full-sized Notebook.

THE SONY C-Series.
click here

Saves the trouble of hooking up a keyboard and also screen is 10.2"

RRP £1899 for the C1MHP

  Forum Editor 23:17 22 Mar 2003

for your responses - just what I needed.

I have no idea what this person will decide to do, but I'll know next week.

  Tenner 16:18 23 Mar 2003

Can recommend this specialist company's service from experience, their comprehensive site should be one of your points of reference click here - worth watching ( daily ? ) for good, latest deals.


  Forum Editor 16:53 23 Mar 2003

Thanks for the excellent link - plenty of price information there. It's information based on real-world experience that I'm after primarily, and if anyone has been using a particularly good device for a while I would welcome their views.

  Tenner 17:16 23 Mar 2003

Whilst my hands-on knowledge is very limited, I decided to leave that to others, say nowt, other than to point you to a site with good range and prices.


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