best pc to buy

  dave1780 14:34 11 Feb 2010

im looking to purchase a new pc i need my pc for games like football manager and yahoo pool not much else. i am looking for a 500gb hard drive and a great dvd writer. does anyone have any ideas?

  ol blueeyes 14:54 11 Feb 2010

I'd have a look at click here Good Computers Next Day Delivery. After Sales Service Excellent.

  herrflick 02:12 12 Feb 2010

If you're looking for help then you'll need to be more specific about what your looking for (budget?, buying on credit, do you need a monitor, keyboard and so on, so 4th).

Here's a link to my plea for help - click here
and this is the PC I eventually went with - click here

The folks on here know their stuff and will help you but I'll get the ball rolling.

This ones ok - click here

but I would suggest waiting till you have more info and know exactly what you want and then maybe give these guys a call click here and ask them to build you the system. It should be cheaper and if something were to go wrong it's just a short drive away.

Later numnuts.

  herrflick 02:16 12 Feb 2010

This isn't too bad either and again it's just doon the road. click here;

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