Best Monitor for PC and PS4?

  crashb648 14:12 02 May 2015

Hey there!

I'm in the market to buy a 24" HD monitor for my windows 7 PC and PS4. My requirements are quite simply really.

I need it to have 2 HDMI connecters, and have excellent quality sound. Hopefully there are some monitors out there which are less than £200 or thereabouts.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  john bunyan 10:18 03 May 2015

I have just bought a Samsung S24D590L and it fits your criterion. (About £150)

Currys Samsung

  BRYNIT 15:52 03 May 2015

I've never found a Monitor with excellent sound quality and most will only have 1 HDMI connections at the price you are looking at.

  john bunyan 17:02 03 May 2015

Sorry - the link I provided does have 2 HDMI inputs, no speakers, but you can get quite a good set for less than £50, so my suggestion plus these seems to fulfil your needs.


  wee eddie 17:18 03 May 2015

I agree with Brynit. I have never come across a Monitor with decent speakers. I find it difficult to imagine the mindset that puts a quality screen into a well designed case and then attaches speakers that cost pennies

  crashb648 13:13 04 May 2015

Thanks for the links and info guys.

I've viewed that link to PC World, but then searched on Amazon and two models poped up on search. The S24D390HL and the S24D590PLX.

Do you know which one of these models is the PC world one? Just trying to find the difference, as both look very similar.

  john bunyan 17:19 04 May 2015

Not sure, but the one I got from Curry's (PC World) is the one I linked earlier. It was a bit dearer than another model- see LS24D340HSX

at £119 but the viewing angle on the earlier one is better. Theo one I bought was the S24D590L at £149. I was, admittedly partly influenced by the sales guy!!.

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