Best laptop for under £500 for student use

  HelenLittle 21:34 04 Apr 2010

Hello, I am a university student and need a new laptop for work purposes. I use my laptop for word processing, internet and occasionally photos and watching TV online. I also use it in lectures and to take with me to the library so a good battery life is important and I would like it to be fairly light to carry around. I don't want a notebook as the laptop will be my only computer and needs plenty of storage. So far I have looked at Dell, who appear to have bad reviews re battery life and Novatech. Other then these brands I am unsure what is reliable etc. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks, Helen.

  citadel 08:01 05 Apr 2010 for all you need to know about laptops.

  michaelw 09:09 05 Apr 2010

You won't get one cheaper and with good customer service at click here

  The Kestrel 12:51 05 Apr 2010

This is good deal from Dell as the laptop has the new Intel i5 core click here and comes in well under your £500 limit.

  wjrt 17:14 05 Apr 2010

and for the balance if you do not already have access to microsoft office
click here

  ame 12:26 06 Apr 2010

Reliability survey from last year worth a look before buying click here

  Matt Egan 14:32 06 Apr 2010

it's updated monthly:

click here&

Also, keep an eye on our laptops reviews:

click here

And it is worth considering a netbook:

click here

  wjrt 18:06 06 Apr 2010
  wjrt 18:10 06 Apr 2010

click here
sorry about last link

  ame 19:34 06 Apr 2010

Toshiba's selector tool might be useful click here#$=&&_1ah Toshibas tend to be more expensive but you often get what you pay for with pc's and laptops - especially in terms of after-sales service.

if you are in the uk, get one of these samsung pcs from argos

15" screen
click here

17" screen
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