Best laptop for around £1400...?

  Viv-208691 18:29 10 Oct 2004

Going to buy new laptop within next few weeks. I have a budget of around £1400. It needs to be relatively easy to transport around, and must connect to my wireless g network at home. DVD writer also neccessary. Any reccomendations please???

  Viv-208691 20:10 10 Oct 2004


  TomJerry 21:37 10 Oct 2004

Becuase it needs less power generate less heat so, usually lighter, 15in one normally less than 2.7kg.

There are so many to chose from with that price.

Systemax TourBook® 5202 OCT04 £1291 click here_(2.0GHZ)_512MB_60GB_HDD_DVDRW_56K_ENET_WIRELESS_WXH_15_SXGA+_TFT_NOTEBOOK/index.htm (other model from Tourbook range got really good review, this is a new model, no review out yet.) 2.68kg

If you want super portable one Samsung Q25 HXC 718 1.3Ghz 512MB 60GB DVD/CDRW 12.1 Inch MgWLAN XP Home ONLY 1.3Kg, super laptop, £1539 click here

Another super portable one: Dell Latitude X300 (also only 1.3Kg) price starts 899 depends on spec click here

  Viv-208691 21:45 10 Oct 2004

click here just found this, looks like a bit of a bargain dont you reckon???

thanks tomjerry

  TomJerry 00:56 11 Oct 2004

But, I think Systemax TourBook® 5202 is better valued.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:04 11 Oct 2004

Go with the Dothan processor - the 1.7 will be pretty impressive. Combined with the 7200rpm hdd, you will have a good machine.

  Viv-208691 08:38 11 Oct 2004

ok thanks a lot. any more recommendations?

Hi Graham D, you may like this one.

click here

  rdave13 21:45 16 Oct 2004

TINY watch hidden costs but good products.

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