Best Laptop for £600? - that's your challenge!

  tammer 22:12 11 Apr 2007

I know you lot are great at pointing out excellent deals. Well I need your help for a mate who needs a new laptop.

He uses it for surfing the web, listening to music, watching DVDs, possibly burning DVDs and will probably only use it in his flat. It will need to have built in wireless.

It has to be well built and reliable and he seems to have something against Acer - for no particular reason - so if you can come up with a great Acer machine that would be funny!

Can you please fill up this thread with some top notch deals?


  donki 09:37 12 Apr 2007

Ok not a big laptop fan but, if he can strech to the delivery :P he can have this,

click here

he can do everything hes looken to do on it.

P.S. Certainly listen to the feedback you hear about MESH on here but remember they do have their fans.

  Why wont it work 12:18 12 Apr 2007

click here

I had this laptop and it was fantastic. Only changed because I upgraded to its big brother. Has everything you could need really, bluetooth, non-intergrated graphics, webcam etc.

  drbeeching 12:20 12 Apr 2007

Try Novatech click here they have great customer service & support. One of the best companies outthere.

As for 'donki' comment; 'P.S. Certainly listen to the feedback you hear about MESH on here but remember they do have their fans'.
I'm not a fan of Mesh, to many bad posts on customer support or service, i would advise you to stay clear of them!

  donki 14:28 12 Apr 2007

I would never advise anyone to stay clear of any company, yes Mesh has alot of bad post on here but id say Mesh shift more computers than most. Ive had 3 not a problem with any. your going to find bad post about any company.

  jimmybond 14:42 12 Apr 2007

"Certainly listen to the feedback you hear about MESH on here but remember they do have their fans"

yes, and so do Millwall FC ;-)

donki - that's good that you've not had any problems with 3 PC's, and that's when MESH are at their best - when you don't have to speak to anyone.
However, as we all know - they tend to let themselves down a bit, when customer support is involved.

"your going to find bad post about any company"

true - but I'd suggest you'll find a lot more about MESH

  drbeeching 14:45 12 Apr 2007

Well as someone in the IT Industry & who understands the market growth & pit falls, Mesh may shift a lot of pc's, they also have more negative feed back than most other companies in the same sector.
May be i should have worded my comment in a different way.

  jimmybond 14:46 12 Apr 2007

I think PC world has some good deals on laptops at the moment, around the £600 mark...?
dual core processor, let's you do two things at once, as the advert goes. hmm yesss, so did my pentium 486.

  pj123 16:37 12 Apr 2007

There must be plenty of Laptops available for less than £600.

Here are 113 of them.

click here

  donki 16:47 12 Apr 2007

So no one should buy from Mesh then? Ive had problems with DEll in the past and PCWorld are awful!!! I still wouldnt tell people not to buy from them, Id say a unflawed Mesh machine is one of the best built computers you can buy.

And drbeeching your not the only one who works in IT. All i said was they should be considered.

  drbeeching 16:53 12 Apr 2007

I'm not going into the in & out's of what the industries view on Mesh is, but it's well documented here & elsewhere on the net, as I’m sure you can find out by looking in some trade mags.

By mentioning Novatech I was giving a company that time & time again gets good positive feedback from those who buy & use them.

Not many negative threads/posts here about Novatech, But quiet a lot on Mesh.

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