Best ISP value for money

  food4thot 15:13 16 Sep 2006

I have just cancelled my AOL because it was constantly crashing and I had to keep reloading it. I am thinking of going to Tiscally as they have a good package for £17.99 8Mb anf unlimitted downloads. I dont want a phone or TV package. Is this the best value taking into account the back up service they provide.

  ade.h 15:48 16 Sep 2006

I'm out of touch with the latest prices, but I still use F2S at £20 for 8Mbits and no cap because I appreciate the vital (to me) features and the good service. In two years, I have never had any down time.

  spuds 18:36 16 Sep 2006

I use the Tiscali 2MB service at present, while waiting for their upgrade to 'up to 8MB' service.

For further information as to whether your exchange can provide the 'up to 8MB' service, then check with click here You can also run a check, regarding ISP's click here

  bruno 18:38 16 Sep 2006

My daughter went on to Eclipse and is very happy with it.

  food4thot 19:05 16 Sep 2006

Thanks guys for the info. Like the lnk from spuds, it was really helpful and I will be checking them out over the next few days. I will keep you posted

  grumpygramp 16:24 17 Sep 2006

Look in the latest PC Advisor magazine .They have done a Broadband comparison with a number of ISP`s. I am pleased to say my Namesco ISP came out very well.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:08 17 Sep 2006

and can't honestly recommend them at the moment - since the latest advertising campaign my connection speed in the evening has dropped to dial up levels - it happens every time, after a few weeks it normally sorts itself out, but it's not good. I console myself that probably most other ISP's behave this way.

  J B 09:53 18 Sep 2006

This is a survey that should help click here J.B.

  jack 17:06 18 Sep 2006

I've been ukonline for years and have recently
upgraded my 1mb con to 2con[fast enough for me] and got 25% price cut too.
No problems with the 0800 help folk -except for strange accents of course; so you need to listen carefully.

click here

  nicolw 00:19 19 Sep 2006

I had been a faithful customer with tiscali for 3 years but when I had a technical problem they were beyond useless!!
I had to call a call centre in India where they could not understand me and I could not understand them, i got transferred countless times and all in all very peeved!! It has happended a few times so I am now with Sky at £10 per month 16mbps, unlimited downloads. perfect!

  terryf 01:01 19 Sep 2006

Fine if you can get sky but their llu program means that us out in the sticks will have to wait and wait and wait. In the meantime I shall stick with Eclipse, perhaps not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and they publish ongoing problems on their website, respond to emails promptly

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