PC_HelpMe 21:15 29 Jul 2007


I currently have Norton Internet Security 2006 installed - but my subscription is due to run out in a few weeks. Can anybody tell me whether I should just spend another £50 on the 2007 package - or are there far better complete security packages out there other than Norton?

  RobCharles1981 21:41 29 Jul 2007

You don't need to spend any more money on payed products where there are free ones available that do exactly the same thing, maybe you should of done the search for the same thread your asking about as its been asked loads of times.

Best bet to read this:

click here

  RobCharles1981 21:47 29 Jul 2007

And also Download The Norton Removal Tool to get rid of it on your computer click here Do that first before you read the link I posted.

  Pine Man 19:14 30 Jul 2007

'are there far better complete security packages out there other than Norton?'

I'm intrigued to know where you can get a free 'complete security package'.

  RobCharles1981 19:23 30 Jul 2007

See the second link it explains it all there.

  Pine Man 19:29 30 Jul 2007

Checked out both links no 'complete security packages'?

  beynac 19:39 30 Jul 2007

It's not free but Kaspersky has a very good reputation.

click here

  brundle 19:39 30 Jul 2007

Kaspersky Internet Security is around £20 at Amazon and has class-leading AV plus a firewall and malware/spyware detection - less of a drain on your resources than Norton, though the 2007 version (of Norton) is much better in that respect.
click here

Zonealarm security suite is very good with alot of features and does not drain on resources and is the best I have used (NOd32, Norton, Macafee to name a few)
If you want more info email me for details

  Pine Man 20:10 30 Jul 2007

There are some excellent suites out there and you haven't got to pay Nortons prices. I have used Tesco (Panda) recently which was about £20 and now I'm with Bullguard which I thinks is £35.

A lot of people prefer suites because of their easy maintenance and are prepared to pay for that. I am one and the point of my earlier post is to point out that, to my knowledge, there are no free complete packages (suites), which Jayzee33 is asking about.

  HighTower 09:25 31 Jul 2007

I've been running Avast Antivirus on Vista for the last couple of months and I'm delighted with it. It's free for home use and so far has picked up everything nasty that's tried to get in the PC. It seems to use much less resources than Norton and I trust it 100%.

Google it and you should find it very easily.

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