The best home phone that bans nuisance numbers and silent calls?

  theDarkness 18:46 13 Jul 2013

Im after a home phone to auto block non-stop marketing and scam callers, silent calls etc. I know BT have a phone on the market (the BT6500 'nuisance call blocker'), but it seems to have some major drawbacks. According to amazons reviews, you need to activate caller display for your phone to work (for an extra amount of money per month). The phone can also get confused as to what type of call it recieves and decides to block or not, poor sound, and amazons description states you can only add 10 numbers of your own manually to block anyway, which is lame. Some may hate the retro design too, although I dont mind it so much, lol.

Does anyone know of any phones out there that will do a better job? I expect every phone one day will have similar and better features to this, as at the moment with a basic home phone, on TPS or not, on a phone service that may attract the bulk of scam and silent calls, it feels like I have the equivalent of an email service without a junkmail folder, or (if I pick up the phone) a pc with no firewall, lol.

  hastelloy 19:10 13 Jul 2013

You could try TrueCall. I've had mine for 4 years and wouldn't be without it.

  theDarkness 19:11 13 Jul 2013

(should probably be in digital home advice section!)

  theDarkness 19:26 13 Jul 2013

That sounds like a better alternative rather than having to replace an entire phone, I should have thought of that one, thanks :) It would seem that this requires subscription of a sort also-according to one user, software upgrades are around 25 a time, annual usage 15 a year. It also auto dials an 0844 number regularly to check its reliability, or similar, which im not so keen on. It might be worth a look, but it does sound like they are slightly taking advantage of our scam calling generation with these extra costs for a device you have already paid for.

I suppose that was always going to happen, especially if the want is there. Im surprised how little these phones or devices have been advertised on prime time tv, I have seen nothing. I might wait a little longer if this is the best companies are offering at the moment until some real competition starts off, but its surely something a lot more of the public would consider if they knew about them.

  VCR97 19:35 13 Jul 2013
  morddwyd 19:48 13 Jul 2013

Would also advise TrueCall. Not one unwanted phone call in more than three years (from two or three a day).

The only subscription is for additional services.

The basic unit has no costs other than initial cost of purchase.

  theDarkness 20:42 13 Jul 2013

Thanks for the suggestions. Do you pay for all software updates with Truecall? That may be considered a subscription of a sort to some if requiring an update regularly. I think some companies still require payment for caller ID, necessary for these devices to work, although some of the biggest now advertise as having free privacy packs, which include it. For truecall, one user mentioning that theirs needed to 'call out' without being able to stop it sounded a little annoying. Perhaps they got it wrong. My main concern for these devices are when they fail to understand what type of call they are receiving, eg calls with static noise getting through, not being understood as silent. I would never receive international calls, but for those customers that do, these devices auto blocked them. We should be able to create an 'allowed' list also to make sure our most important calls always get through.

Poor sound quality gets mentioned a lot for most of most of the negative reviews (BT and Truecall), but as with many other issues, thats probably a lot to do with the compatibility of the phone its being used with.

  Woolwell 22:11 13 Jul 2013

I use a Panasonic phone and block some UK cold callers. However you do need caller id which has a monthly cost.

I'm a bit stuck with overseas out of area calls as some are legit.

  Nontek 23:21 13 Jul 2013

I have the BT6500 complete with Caller Display, for which I do not pay extra!

  AroundAgain 23:57 13 Jul 2013

Like Woolwell, I have a Panasonic phone and am able to block callers if their phone number is shown. I get very few 'cold' calls now and when I do, I then just block them.

However, unlike Woolwell, I have caller ID but I don't pay a monthly cost.

I hope you manage to find a solution as these calls are certainly a pain in the proverbial.


  morddwyd 07:29 14 Jul 2013

"Do you pay for all software updates with Truecall? "

No. As with all software, you pay for a new version, but it is your choice.

"For truecall, one user mentioning that theirs needed to 'call out' without being able to stop it sounded a little annoying. "

Why does it need to call out? Mine calls out, but only when I tell it to, by physically pressing a button on the unit. If I don't press the button it doesn't call out.

"calls with static noise getting through, not being understood as silent."

No ,repeat no, calls get through unless you say so. Like I said, not one unwanted phone call in more than three years (and not one "wanted" call blocked either).

"these devices auto blocked them."

My son rings regularly from Australia, without being blocked.

"We should be able to create an 'allowed' list "

You can. It's called a "Star" list and allows any number you set to come straight through. My son, my mobile, the surgery, the local out patients, dentist, art gallery, bank are just a few of the numbers I have on mine.

There is also a "Zap" list where callers are not only not put through, but they are told not to call again.

Suggest you start looking at the positive reviews, rather than the negative ones!

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