Best graphics card for under £50

  l33H 11:11 13 Jun 2010

Hi. I need a new graphics card for my pc and like many I'm on a tight budget. I say £50, but really that is pushing it!

GYGABYTE GA-7VM400M 1.x motherboard 2.07 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP. 1280 megabytes RAM. Iiyama vision master 451 monitor. 450 Watt PCU.

I use my pc for watching live streaming films, TV and also playing games

Any help is most welcome, thany you.

  Armchair 11:42 13 Jun 2010

That limits your options. Hasn't been a new AGP graphics card introduced for some time. The best one is the Radeon 4670, but that's beyond your budget, and matching it with your CPU would be a waste anyway. If you aren't buying second hand, there isn't much left to choose from. Whatever you do buy, you certainly aren't going to be playing many games from the last few years with it.

This might do:-

click here

  Marko797 12:22 13 Jun 2010


  Armchair 12:32 13 Jun 2010

For an AGP card, that's a useful card. Old card, mind. The 4650 is four generations newer than it. This gives you a rough comparison of their gaming ability.....

click here

  Marko797 12:35 13 Jun 2010

it's an excellent card. yes the 4650 might be newer but l33H only has a 450w psu.

  Armchair 12:41 13 Jun 2010

Theat 4650 has a much lower power draw than that X800 XT. It'll be a lot better for video playback, too.

  AL47 14:02 13 Jun 2010

I hope all ur games are quite old cause no new ones will play

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