Best Graphics Card for less than £100

  Optik 00:10 05 May 2006


I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card at the moment and with all the options available I am unsure about which to go for. It needs to be an AGP an less than £100 (ideally around the £70 mark).

My current graphics card is the Radeon 9100 IGP and the processor is an Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz. I'm unsure about the power supply as none of the system scan software I have shows power output or current etc.

Mostly I'm be using the computer for World of Warcraft and Counter Stike: Source, both of which I have to play at 800x600 with pretty low settings to get a decent fps. Ideally, I would like to be able to play them at 1024x768. Oh, and I need something which will be able to run Oblivion at respectable settings.

If there are any other specs of my PC you need to know before advising just post and I'll do my best to find out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


  gudgulf 00:39 05 May 2006

Youve gone and spoilt it by including Oblivion!!!!

Read this click here

No £70 or even £100 card will do justice to oblivion....AGP or PCI-e.

The best you can do right now with your budget is an NVidia 6600GT.It wont be great on Oblivion but will eat the other games you mention alive.Not to mention being a HUGE step up from what you are currently using.

Your processor will cope and providing you have 1GB(or more) of RAM you will be fine.

  remind 00:58 05 May 2006
  the old man 09:42 05 May 2006

I asked the same question over last weekend and I was guided to an Nvidia 6600 256mb for £75 incl. del. from novatech. when ordered was told it would not be delivered till 12th at least. Hopefully will take delivery today if the UPS website is to be believed. I am upgrading from an fx5200 so cannot wait.

  Optik 14:08 05 May 2006

Well, when I say "run Oblivion at respectable settings" what I really mean is run Oblivion at all.

Mostly, I'll be running CS:S and WoW, and so even being able to play Oblivion at the lowest settings would be a bonus.

The 6600GT looks good, any others you can recommend or should I just go ahead with it?

  martd77 22:39 05 May 2006

As advised to the old man,6600gt is a far superior card but make sure you have a spare molex connector from your psu because the 6600gt agp takes extra power from the power supply.

  Sic 11:24 07 May 2006

I know you said less than £100, so my suggestion may be thrown out as its outside the budget, but on Ebuyer right now you can get an Asus Nvidia 6800 with 512Mb Ram for £130 inc delivery with a three year warranty (AGP).

It's a monster of card for a silly low price, i snapped one up and my jaw is still on the floor.

  ame 12:30 14 Jan 2010

Suggest you open pc case and look at PSU to find model no. and/or wattage before you buy a new card, especially one requiring an independent power supply.

  keef66 12:32 15 Jan 2010

Look at the date of the OP! He was wanting to spend £100 in 2006!!

Then some spammer bumped the post with something which the FE deleted.

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