Best gaming PC under £700?

  ajitk28 16:52 14 Jul 2006

Im looking for a good quality gaming pc for under 700 pounds. im interested in the dell dimension 5150 as it is cheap and has good specs. is the 5150 good for everyday online gaming (i.e. counter-strike source and unreal)? please suggest me a few models which i should consider (and if possible a link too). thanks

  SG Atlantis® 17:10 14 Jul 2006

monitor? do you need one?

  ajitk28 18:19 14 Jul 2006

yes it needs to have a monitor too and speakers.

  Joe R 19:51 14 Jul 2006


this is worth a look. click here

  ajitk28 20:59 14 Jul 2006

thats ok, processor isnt that good, im looking for at least 3.0ghz and a graphics card of at least 256mb.

  Totally-braindead 21:14 14 Jul 2006

I don't know what you mean when you say the processor isn't that good. The link is to a Athlon 3500+ it has a reasonable sized hard drive a good 1 gig memory and a good middle of the road graphics card that will play almost any game out there, admitadly not at the highest rates but for £700 you cannot expect to get a full blown hottie.
I'm sorry but I think you're expecting too much. If you were spending £700 on the base unit alone you could get a faster perhaps even a dual core processor and a better graphics card.
Heres an example of a £700 unit with a monitor click here £643.90 with XP home. You could buy a barebones such as this click here and add bits on it but the sad fact is you would be more expensive.

  Totally-braindead 21:20 14 Jul 2006

And by the way the 5150 from Dell has onboard graphics as standard, there is a PCI Express slot but you would need to buy a graphics card as well. Plus it only comes with 512mb ram.

As it stands the 6600GT would blow away the Dells onboard graphics. There really is no comparison.

  Cybermaxx 22:09 14 Jul 2006

What about this?

click here

If only it had a 7600GT, instead of that 7600GS......

7600GS is a bit better than a 6600GT, though. Not a bad price with that monitor included.

  Joe R 22:17 14 Jul 2006


By far, the best spec I have seen at this price.

  SG Atlantis® 22:50 14 Jul 2006

Damn that Mesh is a give away.


I'd forgot about this thread....

Customer Support sometimes lacks at Mesh but that machine is not to be knocked.


  zincy 23:11 14 Jul 2006

wow with a monitor too that MESH one
its tempting me to buy one myself

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