Best firm for notebooks? (Under £650)

  CMC 42 19:43 01 Jan 2005

I have seen several offers for notebooks recently, one which was a package (included a printer) from Dixons, that was a Pacard Bell laptop.
There was a Toshiba offer too, but that seems to have dissapeared.
I'm wondering wether to go with Mesh or Dell, as I can get the specifications I would like.

My friend has found problems with the Dell laptops that his school has, but likes Toshibas.

So my final question (unless you can suggest a better firm) Toshiba, Mesh, or Pacard Bell?

(Pacard bell are the only firm I have had any experience with (my Scanner for my HP computer is a Pacard Bell)

  stylehurst 13:39 02 Jan 2005

Have look at the offerings from Novatech.
They badge their own; they are a good reliable firm to deal with and recently won PCPro Online vendor of the year award.

  TomJerry 16:15 02 Jan 2005

ACER is THE largest laptop maker in the world and it makes laptops for many leading brands (maybe Toshiba)

click here

what ou can get for £650 with ACER, just two examples

Acer TM 2303WLMi Celeron-M 340 256Mb 40GB DVD-RW (Dual) 15.4WXGA TFT 802.11g XpPro - LX.T5606.124

ACER 1362WLMi AMD Sempron 2800 40GB 512MB DVD-Dual 15.4TFT WXGA XP Home LX.A3805.019

  CMC 42 09:39 03 Jan 2005

Thanks for the suggestions. I've had a look into the Novatechs but most in my budget range didn't have a DVD-rw on them. I will look into the acers.

I recently read some information on PC world's own Advent range. Are these any good?

  TomJerry 15:11 03 Jan 2005

but the graphics card are not as good as Acer if you want to play games on it

  dobbin 16:10 03 Jan 2005

I would be careful with novatech. I bought one two years ago, it works fine but supplies of replacement chargers which go frequently and batteries are very difficult to get hold of. Four month wait in the case of a charger and there is nothing more useless than a laptop without a charger.

  Total Care Support 16:30 03 Jan 2005

Not wanting to be a sales man.

I will just *cough*. click here

any questions email me

Daniel Warren

Granville Technology

[email protected]

  CMC 42 16:36 03 Jan 2005

Thanks for the info.

I will not *cough* click there: Before my HP desktop I had a Tiny and it was nothing but trouble, my friend has a Time that since being purchased just under two years ago has had two new hard drives, a new CD-rw drive, a new DVD drive, and plenty other problems I could mention.

  Dipso 21:44 03 Jan 2005

I have just bought an Acer from my local Staples/Office World click here It has been reduced to £599 as you can see. It is a Pentium M Centrino processor so has wireless capabilites,good battery life. It has a 64Mb graphics card and comes with a DVD writer.

  Dipso 22:00 03 Jan 2005

The WLAN supports 802.11b and g (not as shown) and the 256meg memory can be increased to 512 for under £30 from Crucial if required so is still within your budget ;)

  CMC 42 17:37 04 Jan 2005

I had a look at the Acer laptop you suggested, it looks good but has a much smaller processer than the other laptops I have looked at (Toshiba & Packard Bell Laptops both have a 2.8 processer (intel celeron).

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