Best Drive Image Software?

  fpg 22:49 25 Feb 2005

I have a PC with a failing HDD (disk boot failure with scratchy sounds from HDD as it tries to start)- Fortunately it works sometimes so I would like to take a mirror image of its contents onto another HDD in a USB external enclosure. I then will put this HDD into the PC and replace the ailing drive.
But what is the best software for this? Is there a free download?

  apatia77 23:21 25 Feb 2005

Ive used Drive Image 2002 6.0 before and it did work well. You can alwas use diffrent ones like Norton Ghost but dont know a free one. In the latest PCA or the previous one a Drive Image software was recommended but cant remember now which one it was.

Use and try you luck.

  kinger 23:27 25 Feb 2005

"True Image" from Acronis gives you a 30 day trial, totally free of charge.

click here

Now on version 8.0 it seems to keep winning awards and is very fast and easy to use.

  BRYNIT 09:38 26 Feb 2005

Found this on another thread not trid it myself yet but worth a try click here

  ventanas 11:08 28 Feb 2005

I've got Drive Image, Ghost and Acronis True Image. I find Acronis to be the better of the three (and the cheapest).

  TomJerry 11:48 28 Feb 2005

if HDD is "failing" you need to stop to use it immediately until you figure out a method to "save it"

It is better to use a program which run off from floppy disk or CD. You may make further damage if you install any software. Acronis is great tool (I use it my self), but it requires to install on HDD, so better aviod it.

The best program for this task is a program run off floppy disk. I have used Copy commander before and it is worth every pence I paid for it click here

  Phphred 11:55 28 Feb 2005

I have just lost all of my "Acronis 8" backups after playing with XXclone

  dalglish 18:06 28 Feb 2005

I have 1st hand experience of Acronis True Image 8.0 - I had a year's work ready to go up in smoke but had thankfully created an image shortly before tampering with the boot.ini file which went tits up.

Acronis restored all back again for £30 - buy it.

  freaky 18:34 28 Feb 2005

Acronis True Image 8, excellent piece of software, quick and relatively easy to use. They have also got an excellent help service via email.

Used Norton Ghost previously, Acronis is quicker, and has an excellent Wizard to assist whatever you are doing. The Windows interface is better than Ghost and does not require using MSDOS mode.

  iscanut 19:34 28 Feb 2005

Acronis 8 is £16.97 plus p&p on Amazon ( Full price £29.99 ).

  The Spires 00:43 02 Mar 2005

I have used Acronis True Image for a while from version 6, now on 8 & have yet to have a problem with it. (I wonder if I was wise typing that?)

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