The Best Desk Top Search Program

  mbp 15:29 14 May 2005

There has been a spate of Desk Top Search programs, and several still in its beta phase. Which is the best, for you? It depends on what functions you expect out of it. Most are free. Most people do not appreciate the use of this tool, yet.

  mbp 19:02 14 May 2005

After browsing, I rate the Desk Top Search in order of my preference:
(1) Xi Desk Top Search (Best but Retail only), (2) Yahoo Desk Top Search (based on Xi. Has a very wide selection of file format recognition.), (3) Google Desk Top Search (Good in some popular areas, but weak in some file formats.) (4) Microsoft Desk Top Search, (it currently does not have an Uninstaller and so not possible to remove, so I do not favour it for this reason.) Except for (1) all others are currently freeware and some in beta.

  S5W 19:32 14 May 2005

MrSapo, all in one.

  LastChip 19:42 14 May 2005

Rated by our FE as one of the best click here and it's free!

  Forum Editor 00:37 15 May 2005

I do indeed rate Copernic very highly - in fact it's the best as far as I am concerned. I've used the superb Copernic Agent Professional version for years now, and this desktop tool is an excellent companion to it.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:54 15 May 2005

Scot's Newsletter | By Scot Finnie | May 2005, Part II | click here
click here

Scot Finnie rates Copernic too.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:06 15 May 2005

Personally speaking though, I've been using PowerDesk as a Windows Explorer replacement for years now and it has a little addin called "file finder" - this is excellent for searching my computer and especially good at finding text in emails. I use Becky! mailer (again, having given up on Thunderbird) and it can find even the most obscure text within seconds. A lot of my emails contain foreign words / names and file finder sorts them out quicker than becky's own mail searcher.

  TomJerry 10:10 15 May 2005
  TomJerry 10:11 15 May 2005
  mbp 10:52 22 May 2005

After searching the web at great length, I have come to the conclusion that the Desk Top Search most suitable for my use is Copernic. So Copernic is now on my computer. Thanks all!

  powerless 11:52 22 May 2005

Have you expereinced Spotlight? [i know, i know on a mac]

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