Best Customer Service...?

  SteveD73 17:07 23 Feb 2003

Hi All
I'm looking at purchasing a PC for use at home for the usual stuff,internet,word processing and photos and it seems that for the 900-1000 I'm spending there is not much between a lot of the leading companys.
I wonder if anyone can advise on which company has the best customer service. I have just cancelled a Dell because of their awful service.Having told them that I couldn't reccomend them got the answer,"WE DON'T EXPECT YOU TO".Won't go into detail,but they seemed to go out of their way to be unhelpful.Is anyone good at customer care?

  mcullum_DX4Life 17:29 23 Feb 2003

however some people will tell you otherwise as no company has a totally clean track record. Ive refered many people to evesham and never had any bad reports. click here

  « Ravin » 18:04 23 Feb 2003

lots of times it has been suggested that you get a small local shop to build your pc for you. i think thats a good idea too. that way they'l always be nearbye to help you out when you run into problems

  britto 18:12 23 Feb 2003

Have had to contact Evesham half a dozen times in the last year or so by email & phone,friendly and helpfull and no problem when i had to have a tech call round tho all problems where probably down to me.Highly reccomended.
Just remember not everthing can be done in a day,
reading some posts many companies need a magic wand

  bfoc 19:26 23 Feb 2003

For me the imortant thing is how quickly they sort any problems out. In my own case Dell and Viglen managed to do that well. Mesh, alas, failed very badly the twice I used them and machines had to returned for (evntual) refunds within days of delivery!

I have recommended numbers of people, normally with only limited PC knowledge, to Evesham and they have all been very happy.

The most recent order I helped with is due to be delivered tomorrow. Evesham phoned the person who ordered it AND myself on Friday to confirm it had been despatched.

A local computer shop can be good too, especially if you have the time to visit it in person.

Just make sure that you pay by credit card and/or finance, even if you pay it off shortly after!

  RomQ 21:50 23 Feb 2003

at how the UK computer retailers are ranked on this chart (and read the comments on them) before committing yourself to a purchase: click here

The experiences of other people on the site can be a useful guide.

  howard60 22:34 23 Feb 2003

they are very good - their machines look to have been planned rather than thrown together - cables long enough to be neatly cable tied around the sides out of the way. On the rare occasions that I have needed their assistence they have been really good. Their warranty is return to base but they pay for collection and return and it is normally next day arranged by them.

  shifty 08:32 24 Feb 2003

Nethighstreet gets my vote, computer ordered and received within ten days and delivered on the day they specified. Customer service phoned me to arrange delivery etc within around 2 hours of making the on-line order. 12 months on site warranty. Three friends have all purchased computers from them and have all had the same experience.

Whatever the make and model that is recomended to you, you just KNOW that whatever you do, your order will be the one to encounter problems!

I dont think that there is a single company that has not had some complaint levelled against it at some stage, but yes, some more than others and Poweroid seem to be the one company that appears least in this forums for complaints and when they do, they seem to sort them out extremely quickly.

Me?, I build my own and only then have myself to blame!!

  Goldcroft 11:12 24 Feb 2003

You're dead right Smiffy. I bought a Mesh some months ago and it's been very good, contrary to bfoc's experience. Their response times to queries is, however, questionable.

  -pops- 11:28 24 Feb 2003

1. Build your own.

failing that:

2. your local computer builder/shop.

failing that:

3. someone near to you who builds as a hobby.

failing that

4. Evesham


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