Razza14 11:07 13 Feb 2008


I am looking at getting a new pc and have a choice of three cpu's. Could someone please leave me some advice on the best one to go for.

The options:

AMD Athlon X2 4800 X2 (2.50Ghz, 2 x 512 Kb Cache)


Intel Core Duo E2180 (2.0Ghz, Unsure what cache?)


Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 (2.4Ghz, 2Mb Cache)

One of these CPU's would be running with 2GB DDR 2 800Mhz memory, 160 GB Hard Drive and i have a graphics card that is ok but i only need help with choosing the correct CPU.


  keef66 11:50 13 Feb 2008

Pretty similar, but I'd say the Core 2 Duo E4600 has the edge.
Either of the Intels would be cooler / quieter than the Athlon if that's a concern.

  donki 12:20 13 Feb 2008

All good gaming processors, I have the AMD 4200 x 2 and have no problems at all. These days the GFX card is the most important component in your rig when gaming is concerned.

What card do you have, are you thinking about?

  citadel 15:08 13 Feb 2008


  Devil Fish 15:43 13 Feb 2008

no contest core 2 give the best bang for your buck out of the box at this moment in time E4600 all the way

  Razza14 17:55 13 Feb 2008

So if i went for the AMD, would a Geforce 8500 GT be ok as a graphics card to play games like: call of duty etc..?

  Devil Fish 18:44 13 Feb 2008

personally graphics wise i would be setting my sites a bit higher the 8500 isn't a particularly good card

for budget card an extra 20 to 30 pounds you could bag yourself an 8600 which is a far better card

  Razza14 18:46 13 Feb 2008

Ok and that whole system would play call of duty and other similar games with no lag and good quick loading times?

  Sj67 19:15 18 Feb 2008

with the e4600 and 8600gt card yes you could play COD no probs.

  Razza14 17:36 20 Feb 2008

How would this run cod 4 etc..?

AMD Athlon X2 4600 64 Bit Processor
Processor Speed: 2 x 2.4 GHZ
2GB Ram
8600GT 512 MB Graphics Card

  citadel 18:20 20 Feb 2008

8600gt may be ok not to be confused with the 8600 gts that is faster. you could wait and see the price of the 9600gt, released any day now as this will be miles faster.

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