Best budget wireless router suggestions

  MichaelRoxburgh 12:26 06 Jul 2014

Suggestions please. I am looking for best type of wireless router for technophobes (set-up in particular) who only want wireless connections giving broadband access to 2 laptops (Toshiba Satellite/Sony Vaio) plus Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablet PCs. Current BT Hub 3 not powerful enough to give a stable signal though a plasterboard ceiling/timber floor to bedroom even though router is sited approximately 6 feet in room directly below. I believe dual band is better than single but maybe this is only an advantage to those who router needs are more complex

  Woolwell 13:40 06 Jul 2014

I doubt that a budget router or a more expensive one will solve the problem of the house construction. They may well need a Powerline extender up into the bedroom.

  wee eddie 14:30 06 Jul 2014

It could be worth dropping your BT Hub 3, I didn't recommend that did I, and you should get a Hub 5, as a replacement, at the cost of about £7 for postage.

It is said to have a longer range - It does, or rather, mine does.

I'd go with the Home Hub

  Secret-Squirrel 16:40 06 Jul 2014

Michael, I've installed quite a few of these excellent "budget" routers over the past few years - mainly for BT users who were fed-up with the performance (especially wireless) of their Home Hubs. It will cope easily with plasterboard and timber, although like all routers, it will struggle with stone walls found in older properties.

" I believe dual band is better than single"

The less-crowded 5GHZ wireless band is indeed better where problems are caused by nearby interference from other WiFi devices. However the range and signal strength isn't as good the 2.4GHZ band found in most routers so it won't be any better at penetrating solid objects.

Amazon have an excellent returns policy, so in the unlikely event that the TP-Link doesn't perform as hoped, you should be able to get a refund.

Note that if you stop using your Home Hub then you'll no longer qualify for the free WiFi minutes that comes with a BT broadband package. That's the only potential downside of using a different router.

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