Best budget laptop to buy?

  wookiethecat 21:54 17 May 2010

Hi, I hope someone can help me choose a laptop as I am drowning with all the options. I have a very limited budget and have been looking around the 400GBP area, but refurbished models in order to get a better machine for my money. I will use the laptop for working at home occassionally. This involves use of audio and video editing programs (just doing simple edits and playback), and I tend to have/like several programs open at one. I've been told that Toshiba and HP are the best in terms of keyboards and material and so on - what do others think?

In terms of specs I'm looking for 3GB+ of ram, 250+GB (pref 320), a decent enough webcam, DVD rewriter, good wireless, Windows 7, about a 15.6 screen. I would like one that could hook into the TV too. My past two laptops have also had issues with the fan and overheating so I'd like computers with decent cooling systems too.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 23:55 18 May 2010

if it's in the Consumerwatch section, rather than the business forum - I'll transfer it now.

  wookiethecat 23:58 18 May 2010

Thanks Forum Editor - I couldn't see an obvious place for this sort of query.

  ame 16:58 19 May 2010

click here gives a selection of ex-display laptops from ebuyer. Not sure about buying a refurbished laptop, and how much you actually save compared to the risk of what it might have been through.
click here gives some idea on laptop reliability, but not to be taken as gospel.

  ukpostcode 17:25 19 May 2010

We recently bought a laptop from staples.
Good spec & a decent build all for £399.

  wjrt 22:59 23 May 2010

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