Best Broadband Package Price?

  Sibbo 11:30 29 Aug 2004

I'm currently online with NTL. They recently gave a free speed increase which now means that I pay £24-99p for 750KB/s per month. I believe that this service has a 1GB/month download cap. Are there any other better offers out there? TIA

  johnnyrocker 12:26 29 Aug 2004

depends where you are but 1ghz a month is very stingy click here for an isp comparison facility.


  Dipso 14:20 29 Aug 2004

I think the limit is 1 Gig a DAY not a month.

Do you have the phone package as well as it could be hard to compare prices if you do?

There are better offers, but on BT lines, so it would not be so straightforward for you to change.

I have 1Meg ADSL from Metronet, but as this is on a PayAsYouGo basis my costs vary from £16.75 minimum to £28.75 for unlimited usage. They do offer a 512 service that starts at £11.75 and is £23.75 for unlimited usage.

  Sibbo 14:41 29 Aug 2004

OOPS! My mistake, I did mean 1GB/day

  mbp 14:48 29 Aug 2004

You can find the cheapest, you can find the fastest, but you are not comparing like for like. What sort of service do you want? How much Usage allowances? How much technical might you ever want? Dependability, Reliability? And you must read the fine print or contract conditions etc. For example, I was trying to look for some of the frills offered in the BT-Yahoo BB Browser package, and I was surprised what there was available. I will copy some of these items below:

I will only mention the FREE items. But I will try:-

(1) There is a Free Fire Wall, SpamGuard, Pop Up Blocker, Parental Controls, Mail, Instant Messaging, Webcam facilities, Launchcast Radio.
(2) You get 100 MB Web Photo Album, or 100 MB Web Briefcase to transfer files (for document sharing), 15 MB Free Personal Web site.
(3) The Front Page offers: World News, Team News, BTYahoo mail preview, TV Listings, Currency Converter, Horoscope, Plus Side Bar or even 2.
(4) The Side Bar includes: Special Announcements like SP2, a Personal Diary, Calculator, Bookmarks, Music Charts, Maps (US), Latest Music Media Video Clips, Music Charts,StockExchange Portfolio, Weather.
And there is a comprehensive Help download for BT-Yahoo.

Once you have made yourself familiar there, you don't need to go anywhere else. I think that that was the aim. But maybe it was just Too Too Much for some. It offers all your Internet needs, almost!

You can also buy a complete anti-virus program to complete your protection.

Will the other programs offer you the above. Are the extras above worth forking out those extra pounds per month? You decide!

  swanson2 11:48 30 Aug 2004

I think Wanadoo 1Mbs service is good at £17.99 per month - but there will be a download limit of 2Gb/month applied soon (more than enough for me!)

  steven_frost 11:17 01 Sep 2004

tesco's have just launched a new bb service cheapest i've seen on the market

  JayDay 15:45 01 Sep 2004

Plusnet offer 1MB connection with 3GB bandwidth pcm for £18.49 (other flavours available). Also free migration for existing BB users.

click here

Or Tesco £19.97 pcm no bandwidth limits.

  JayDay 15:52 01 Sep 2004

I notice on Wanadoo's site it says if 1mb service is not available on your line you get the 512 kb service.

How can you find out if your line can get the 1MB service?

  JayDay 16:17 01 Sep 2004

Wow..... what a lot of deals there are. Is this the start of a price war? Will we be getting cheaper and faster Broadband? Exciting times!

  CurlyWhirly 21:22 01 Sep 2004

You can find out if you can get the 1 mb service at click here

If you (like me) can't get the 1 mb service only the 512 kb service then if you check the BT Wholesale website on 6th September 2004 BT are updating theit ADSL online checkers as explained at click here


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