best basic tablet for e-mails and browsing?

  Markito 17:19 02 Apr 2015

I have a laptop computer, but I travel by air a lot and it is too heavy and unwieldy to take abroad with me. Can you recommend a good quality budget-priced tablet, preferably with Windows 8 or 8.1. which I am used to, which will be used only for web surfing and e-mails, using gmail and outlook / hotmail?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

  wee eddie 17:49 02 Apr 2015

I don't think what you want exists, most of the basic stuff is Android

  AroundAgain 19:10 02 Apr 2015

Have you looked at the Linx 10? Has Windows 8

  rdave13 19:46 02 Apr 2015

Lenovo just under an 8 " screen for £99.95m with two years guaranty.

  rdave13 19:50 02 Apr 2015

Hmm, not sure how I got the 'm' after the price tag but it's in pounds not millions ;)

  Markito 10:26 03 Apr 2015

Thanks guys. Does anyone have any experience of the Tesco Hudl range or Bush My Tablet?

  wee eddie 12:18 03 Apr 2015

Looks like I'm eating my words. There are plenty of W8 Tablets to be had. I was just looking at rdave13's link.

  HondaMan 12:37 03 Apr 2015

I use an iPad and find that it does everything I need it to. If you have an Apple computer, it's a no brainer

  lotvic 14:50 03 Apr 2015

I have Hudl2 and also Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1 and find both superb and easy to use, and I was new to Android, (I've not even had or used a smartphone). Browse web, email, Google Hangouts, Read books, brilliant for watching movies etc (via free vlc app I downloaded) they both do all that my pc does via the appropriate Apps.

  rdave13 15:17 03 Apr 2015

The Bush one seems to have a good write-up. I've been running a Nexus 7 2012 model. It's been good until the latest Android update. Lollipop, android version 5.1.

Last android tablet for me.

  Markito 15:51 03 Apr 2015

I omitted to mention that I only will only require a tablet with wifi. Any phone or photo capability are not important to me. Does this mean I can cut any corners whilst still having a good quality tablet?

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