Best ATi Radeon Card?

  Gaz W 14:41 30 Jun 2003

I have seen a computer at Time Computers (click here) for £699 which has an ATi Radeon 9200SE graphics card, which has 256MB memory. When I looked for this card, I couldn't find a "9200SE", but the only 9200 cards I could find were 128MB. How does this compare in performance and price to other ATi Cards like the 9600 Pro, 9500 Pro, 9700/9800 Pro etc.

I know the 9500 and 9700 are older and discontinued(?) but the 9500 Pro is still better than the 9600 Pro, so I was wondering which is the best ATi card for me to get. This is not for my PC and will be used for CAD etc, and might benefit from 256MB memory.

  Gaz W 17:38 30 Jun 2003

Sorry - I thought this was the Helproom!

  joe1234738 16:27 06 Jul 2003

Wait for ATI 9800 to come out

  D-P-R 08:39 07 Jul 2003

it is out

  Gaz W 00:28 08 Jul 2003

OK, thanks for your help. I think it'll have to be the 9500 because I'm building the system now and the 9800 is still very expensive. The 9500 looks to be very good value for money and meets the requirements, and allows me to fit in with the budget.

Thanks again for your help


  Rikardos 12:41 10 Jul 2003

I've recently bought a Sapphire 9700pro card for 250 quid and it's giving me really good performance, and the price should be shooting down for this model since the 9800pro is taking over it's position. It's worth looking around and seeing what prices are out there. Best of luck!

  Beb? 13:29 10 Jul 2003

9200 isnt any good, even though i has 256mb. It only has 4 pixel pipelines - compared to most others having 8. It also has a really small amout of bandwidth, so its no good at all really. In fact, even the Geforve MX cards are almost as good for half the price.

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