Best Antivirus Program

  Adz1310 13:48 14 Oct 2005

Im just about to purchase a new computer. I know there is a number of internet secruity programs out there, but was wondering if there was one better than the other. I have used Norton programs in the past, and my sister uses NOD32. Is one better than the other or is there better ones out there?? your opinions would be much appricated.

  Belatucadrus 14:10 14 Oct 2005

But IMHO NOD32 is probably the best if you need to buy a license, if you're a non profit home user however there really is no need as avast! click here AVG click here and Antivir click here are all perfectly good alternatives that are offered free to people in this bracket.

I'm not a Norton fan for a variety of reasons, resource heavy and invasive, but there are a lot of people that still like it.

  Adz1310 14:24 14 Oct 2005

thannks, and are these a firewall and anti-virus in one, as I have broadband and will need a firewall

  amonra 14:49 14 Oct 2005

Get yourself a cheap modem/router for added protection. AVOID Norton and go for the freebies.

  Belatucadrus 15:35 14 Oct 2005

They're stand alone anti virus, for free software firewalls try ZoneAlarm click here or Sygate click here

  961 19:07 14 Oct 2005

I'd go for Avast freebie anti virus for home use. Works fine for me

For a firewall try zone alarm. Although I use the paid for version the freebie does work perfectly well

I'd agree that you should try these before Norton which can slow down your computer

NOD32 is supposed to be the bees knees for anti virus but cheap it ain't

  WHU 22:23 14 Oct 2005

On seeing this i've just downloaded the avast! and found i had 2 trojan's, 2 viruses, and about 5 adwares which i knew i had, but hadn't found a program which could remove them, even though i tried ad-aware & BT Yahoo spyware.
So thanks for the tip, an excellent piece of software.

  Kellogg 13:05 15 Oct 2005

On my PC I run Avast also like 961. Never had any problems and it runs quite happily in the background updating itself when necessary. My firewall is Kerio Personal Firewall 4. Its the unregistered version but for my purposes it works great and both Avast and Kerio are light on resources.

  Stuartli 18:44 15 Oct 2005

Avast! also updates itself automatically when you go on line.

  wilfjohnson 20:26 15 Oct 2005

get avg free anti virus.superb,had it 4 a while and never had no probs

  Magik ®© 20:53 15 Oct 2005

i now use sygate (free), i did use zonealarm but it did not allow networking, which sygate does. and it works ace....

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