Best aftersales support, and who to avoid

  bellat 22:32 20 Jun 2010

I am helping my inlaws choose their first computer to buy. As they have a small house they want to buy a laptop. They live over 4 hours from us so need to feel confident that whoever they buy from will offer reliable and inexpensive (e.g. cost of phone calls) after-sales support. My personal experience is with Dell who have been very good, but didn't know if people could advise for or against other companies, e.g. John Lewis, PC World etc.

Please advise who you would suggest would be both helpful to beginner-computer users and not over-expensive in phone calls.

Or, is there anyone you would advise to avoid?

Many thanks for all suggestions!!

  spuds 23:00 20 Jun 2010

This can be a very difficult question to answer, because some people may well be pleased with a company when other people might have had problems.

Depending on how computer savvy your in-laws are would also make a difference, especially if they would be reliant on an overseas call centre that works from script.Even some of the UK based technicians can get rather unfriendly towards their customers, if the problem drags on.

Personally I would suggest that you look at something local in the first instant, where a quick visit could resolve any issues.

  Forum Editor 23:22 20 Jun 2010

people to avoid this or that supplier, based on a single bad personal experience. One bad experience isn't a valid reason for advising others to steer clear of a company, although it's perfectly OK to tell us about it.

By the same token, a personal recommendation is just that - one satisfied customer's opinion, although there's nothing wrong with sharing good news.

  john 52 09:40 21 Jun 2010

One point I would say is that John lewis do give a 2 year warranty on there computers and if it needs a repair you are able to take the computer into your local John Lewis ,they also provide 90 days software support on a new computer !!

As another person has said a local computer shop may be the way go but be very careful on the one you decide on !!make sure it is a recommended one as computer shops seem to have a high failure rate in there business

I know I may get slaughtered on here as this is a PC forum but to new user who had never had a computer before I would point them in the direction of an imac as apple give very good support( although they are more expensive) and you are able to buy one to one care for a year for about £70 which gives one to one training and advice in a apple store or over the telephone and also pre-set computer based training modules !! you can also extend the warranty on the mac up to 3 years .
If there apple store in your or there area pop in the store they have what they call Genius advisor's on hand to explain things to you !! you can also make an 1 hour long appointment with them to just to go through the system before you buy .
Also the worry about picking up a virus is less of a risk with a Mac (at the moment)but it does depend on the amount of money they wish to spend as to if a Mac is suitable

  Dark Mantis 12:08 21 Jun 2010

In the past I have always found Logitech to be very curtious and consumer friendly whenever I dealt with them, however this was not the case this time. I phoned up to make a warranty call on my Laser LX710 wireless keyboard and mouse combo which had a couple of faults. I was told that they didn't make this model any more and so it would be replaced with a MK300 combo set. I made it clear that I wasn't in agreement that this was a fair replacement and even offered to pay towards the MK710 which I considered to be the equal of my setup. This was refused and I ended up getting the MK300.
After receiving the cheaper option I sent several emails to the company saying how dissatisfied I was with the outcome but after much debate the best I could arrange was that they would give me a 35% discount against another set. This is rediculous as in the beginning I had offered to pay the extra to have the combo that was the equal of my faulty one.
I have been trying to use this MK300 but it is total cr*p compared to my original and I spend twice as long typing because I end up making many more mistakes because of the cheap keys. I have already disposed of the mouse and am using the same as was in the original set but from another kit I had.
Anyway I just wanted to show how things have changed with this company that always used to be excellent.

  Dark Mantis 12:40 21 Jun 2010

I just received this email from Logitech and in the spirit of fairness wanted to pass it on.

Thank you for your response to Logitech Customer Support.

My name is Zeru and I have just learned of your case. I would like to extend our deepest apologies on behalf of Logitech for the way you've been treated. I assure you,
our customer support is normally of the highest standard.

Upon investigating your case, I see that you were most definitely right all along. It is regrettable that it has taken this long to take the obvious and correct action from our side.

I have sent you a new MK710 keyboard (as there are no LX710 keyboards with the UK layout) with no further delay and it should arrive your address within 3-4 business days. The MK710 you will see, is of the same caliber and standard as the LX710, unlike the MK300 which is a much simpler keyboard.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for choosing Logitech!

Very fair I think and restores my faith in their customer service.

  cheeky-chap 13:21 21 Jun 2010

I would try click here - Tech support is based in the UK and the phone number is a geographical one.

  interzone55 15:08 21 Jun 2010

How about Apple?

If this is their first computer they may find Apple MacBooks easier to use, and the Apple stores often run training sessions.

  john 52 16:43 21 Jun 2010


Please see the 4th post down !! great minds think alike ?? :-)

  Ford Prefect 01 17:52 21 Jun 2010

I would advise helping them purchase, when they do, go and visit and install the freebie from here:

wclick here

Also install it on your machine at home.

It works a treat for me, I live in Surrey and my parents live in Cornwall.

  flycatcher1 19:10 21 Jun 2010

I use Microsoft Remote Assistance with great success on Win7 I cannot remember it on XP.

I support purchase from John Lewis, my Grandson's laptop had a continuing fault and could not be fixed so he was given a new one after nearly three years.

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