Best 20" monitor

  The Bard 10:12 26 Aug 2013

I have to replace my Philips 190X monitor and am finding all the different reviews unhelpful. Lack of space exclude anything much bigger and the computer is not used for gaming, only surfing the web and office applications. Built in speakers desirable but not essential.Picture quality is more important than price (within reason!).

Recommendations welcome

  spuds 13:41 26 Aug 2013

I tend to find that most monitors with speakers, sound rather 'tinny' in performance, so I put very little high specification on this. A couple of cheap or reasonably priced speakers usually takes care of that.

With regards to the rest, specifications are changing all the time, and the market shows this with price drops, and perhaps Ebuyer or Amazon are a good example of this.

Like yourself, I have been in the market for a 'good' monitor for some time now, but it tends to get very confusing, and the only way I have considered, is by reading reviews from good sources.

Sorry for not being more helpful, in perhaps suggesting one particular model or brand, because that might be bias on my part?.

  martd7 18:59 26 Aug 2013

An IPS panel is supposed to be the best monitor technology at minute although the quality can vary

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  rdave13 23:17 26 Aug 2013

I am totally biased and would look at mid-range AOC monitors.

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