Benq HD monitors

  maia 15:39 09 Nov 2009


I'm looking to buy a 22' (possibly24') monitor.

Started out with the idea of an E2200HD, but then the E2220HD was announced, and just before buying that one the E2220HDP was announced...

Now the only difference between teh HD and the HDP I can see is that the latter has no speakers and is being advertized as about £30 cheaper? Is there any other difference? And any idea when it will be on sale? Will it be as cheap as advertized?

The other options are G2420HD or HDB?

Argh.. My main specs are a digital input and a matte screen. Speakers are not necessary. I'm just getting more and more confused. What should I get?



  961 16:23 09 Nov 2009

I've got G2420HD. No speakers. £145 from Dabs

I am absolutely delighted

The screen is terrific

  maia 16:40 09 Nov 2009

cheers! is the screen glossy or matte? I'm having trouble figuring out the difference between the E and the G series!

  GaT7 17:26 09 Nov 2009

My guess is that it's a matte screen. All BenQ models are matte I think - the 'glossy black' description for some models refers to the screen surround.

Oyyy appears to be the cheapest for the G2420HD atm @ 150 click here with the free delivery option.

There's another very similar model, the G2410HD click here, for £12 less. This doesn't have the HDMI & headphone ports that the other one has. G

  961 17:29 09 Nov 2009

I think it's matte. The only gloss is, as said, the surround which, in use, you never see

There certainly is no reflection or glare off the screen

  maia 18:36 09 Nov 2009

Cool! Now I'm just upset that the E2220HD is more expensive (or similar priced) than the G2420HD! Speakers worth 2 inches?
I want audio on the display, but I'd rather have HDMI and a jack-plug than actual speakers. But there seems to be no 22' option?

  GaT7 19:02 09 Nov 2009

I think that's because it is a superior quality screen, & so is the similar E2200HD click here. Review click here. Lowest price I can find is just under £130 delivered click here.

The only other low-priced 22" monitor I can find with HDMI & audio ports is the Viewsonic VX2260WM click here for £135. G

  maia 19:53 09 Nov 2009

OK, I think I'm going to go with the E2220HD, found it on pricelover for £134 incl.pp. Only slightly worried abou the site being new and not really having a reputation yet? But the price is about £20 less than other sites, is it worth it?m.

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