Belkin Wireless Routers: AVOID AVOID!!

  MrSheen 17:39 10 Apr 2006

Just a word of warning to anyone who's thinking of getting a Belkin wireless router...


I've had mine since just before Christmas and for the 1st 6 weeks we had problems with it. All sorts of problems that randomly fixed themselves, in other words, it works when it wants.

Recently though, it just can't stay online for more than a few minutes when I'm using Azureus! It managed it fine for about 3 months but now just crashes literally every minute or 2!

I'm now having problems getting Savastore to exchange it for a different make and Belkin Support are offering no support whatsoever!

So to save yourself a load of hassle in the long run, buy a Linksys one, everyone seems to rate them highly!

Good luck!


  pj123 17:59 10 Apr 2006

Got not problem with my Belkin router. Have just rung a friend who also has a Belkin router and he is having no problems with it either.

  Stuartli 18:06 10 Apr 2006

Or, in the case of the old saying, one swallow doesn't make a summer...:-)

  ade.h 18:18 10 Apr 2006

So you have trouble with a product - possibly not entirely the orducts fault? - and you think that justifies slagging off a highly reputable company?

You're up there with the people who post things like "Mesh stinks" and don't ever buy a Mesh".

I have set up at least half a dozen Belkin routers including my own - it's the brand that I usually choose for people when they ask me to help - and not one of them has suffered any significant issue, least of all any that can be attributed to the router.

  ade.h 18:18 10 Apr 2006

orducts = product's

  Forum Editor 18:20 10 Apr 2006

which tell people to avoid a particular supplier. We prefer our forum members to make up their own minds about which companies they buy from, and one bad experience is hardly a justification for telling everyone else to boycott the company.

Belkin has a superb reputation for making high-quality products, and we rarely see any complaints about their hardware. I have used Belkin routers on many occasions, and haven't had any problems, and I think that's a fairly common experience. If you believe you have a faulty router then you shouldn't be contacting Belkin - your contract was with the company that supplied the product, and you must look to them to repair or replace the router.

Under current consumer legislation it is assumed that any fault which manifests itself within six months of the date of purchase was present at the point of purchase, and the retailer must either replace the item or repair it within a reasonable time. In the case of a router there is no possibility that your retailer will have the facilities for repair, in which case it may go back to the manufacturer. You don't have the right to insist on a new item - the retailer can choose the repair route if he/she/they see fit to do so.

The fact that you have had the router for some 14 weeks means that you wouldn't be able to return it as 'not fit' - you will be deemed to have accepted it under the terms of the sale of goods act.

Send an email to: [email protected] and say that you wish to return the router as faulty within six months of purchase under the terms of the supply of goods and services to consumers regulations, and that you require a replacement. Give full details of your order reference number etc., and don't mention repair.

You are not entitled to a different make of router by the way, but there's no harm in asking.

  spuds 18:22 10 Apr 2006

Belkin make and sell hundreds of products a week, and there are in all possibilities some faulty units, which require replacement or further technical advice, to solve an issue. Telling people to AVOID AVOID is perhaps slightly going a little over the top. With regards to Savastore,who are responsible for replacing the product if found to be faulty,not Belkin, then I can only suggest that a search of this forum, will perhaps give guidance as to the customer care that company seems to provide.

You state that Belkin is offering no support whatsoever. How have you approached them,and what did Savastore say, when you approached them?.

  ade.h 18:29 10 Apr 2006

If you approach the companies concerned in the same vein as you have approached your posting, they might not be as happy to help as they could be.

"...perhaps slightly going a little over the top." Nice understatement!

  Ikelos 18:33 10 Apr 2006

I have had a belkin router, never played up once, did have a belkin mouse that played up and they could not do enough to put matters right, a top grade company..

  geewis357 19:27 10 Apr 2006

I have been using Belkin equipment ever since I have had a web presence and that is rather a few years now, I have never had any complaints what so ever and all my equipment runs 24/7. If I had any problems at all I would enter into conversation mode with the retailer befor engaging the slander button, but that is just me.

  Stuartli 19:55 10 Apr 2006

To be pedantic, it's actually libel.

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