belkin surgemaster offer from ebuyer?

  xalemo 14:52 30 Aug 2004

Hi all,
I received over a week ago an e-mail from ebuyer, a belkin surgemaster for £20, buy one get one free.
I ordered it and received the parcel with only one item (???) Anybody ordered it?
I sent them an e-note on saturday but its looks like they are having a long w-e.

  ste_bla 15:10 30 Aug 2004

did you put two into your order? or did you expect you to send the second free without you asking?

  xalemo 15:25 30 Aug 2004

Damn it !!! I put one assuming they would be clever enough to send 2. Check it out, the quickfind number is 65817, if you enter 2, they charge double the amount!

  [email protected] 16:45 30 Aug 2004

Print out the offer as backup and persevere with the enote's - I'm sure you will get there eventually......just hope there is no electrical storms in the meantime :-)

  ste_bla 18:46 30 Aug 2004

I see what you mean about put two in and still get charged! And sorry if i sound a little sarcastic.

Just wait and see when the reply.. good luck..

  Lead 01:17 02 Sep 2004

I would have done what you did, i.e. ordered just the one and expected two. It's buy one get one free, not buy two for the price of one. There's a subtle difference.

  xalemo 10:45 02 Sep 2004

Almost a week since I posted this e-note and it's still awaiting process! That's a pretty bad backlog. I tried to phone them but they hang up straight away! I'm started to get really annoyed and I'm polite.
It's not the first time I've had problems with them. The first time city-link tried to deliver when I was out and did not leave any card.
I won't order from them again, maybe their price are good but service is rubbish.
By the way, I picked my parcel from city-link and that was horrendous in there. A guy had parcels in his arms and one fell so he started kicking it to wherever he was going.
What can I do if they don't answer the phone and ignore my e-note???

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