Being fobbed off with Curry Jargon

  Juicebuster 10:08 14 Jan 2017

Long story short New laptop went into Curry under warranty but claimed they couldn't repair it as it was a software problem. Problem -Mouse pad not working. They said I had lost all my data during the Faultfinding. The loss of data isn't the issue They Said -Company Software used that scans all components of a computer and tests them for faults) in both Windows and BIOS (pre Windows), and discovered the trackpad was working in BIOS but not Windows. This would indicate a software fault, as the hardware was physically working. We also ran a HealthCheck (which is a piece of Company Software that asses and fixes small software concerns, such as de-fragmentation, temporary files, updates and searches for virus' etc). Software faults are not contained within the warranty I asked to have the machine back to check it and found it had been returned to factory settings. I asked why this wasn't that in the report and they claimed it was a factory reset but there appears to be some of the data missing, believed to be as a result of either the Windows check or re-setting of a time line. ' the Windows check or re-setting of a time line' What does that mean. Anyone ever heard of that! I can confirm it a new Windows 10 was installed 2 dayss earlier.

If it's been factory reset effectively putting it back to a brand new machine and the mouse pad still doesn't work surely that more than just a software issue? Juice

  HondaMan 10:42 14 Jan 2017

You say the laptop is "new" Just how new is it?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:26 14 Jan 2017

Go to the manufacturer's website and see if there is a driver, for the trackpad, that you need to install.

  Burn-it 17:26 14 Jan 2017

If they supplied it originally with Windows installed, then that is what they must replace or fix it with and it is not up to you to fix the drivers for them. You say that you aren't worried about the loss of data, but any reputable service center would have saved that as well. Oh and the basic trackpad functions should not need any specific drivers; indeed I deliberately remove the drivers for mine as they are both invasive and extremely large.

  Juicebuster 09:55 15 Jan 2017

The laptop was 11 1/2 months old when it was taken in I am pretty sure I will be able to get the mouse pad working again but the issue I have it that Currrys have deliberately lied to me saying they didn't reset the laptop to factory settings saying it was partial reset during the Windows check or resetting of time line. What does that actually mean? Also surely this mouse pad isn't a software issue if it's been put back to a new formatted laptop. ? They should be repairing under warranty and not charging me to get it repaired ? Felt fobbed off by a company that provides awful customer service

  Secret-Squirrel 10:18 15 Jan 2017

........saying it was partial reset during the Windows check.......

No diagnostics software will reset (or partially) reset Windows so it's clear to me that something went horribly wrong.

.....or resetting of time line. What does that actually mean?

In computer terminology, it's gobbledygook.

Also surely this mouse pad isn't a software issue if it's been put back to a new formatted laptop. ?

That's a very good point.

  Juicebuster 22:06 15 Jan 2017

I really feel like. currys have tied to me. I want to make it public what they have done. Can anyone provide any advice on the best way to make sure this gets into social media and any industry watchdogs. Their brand needs to suffer as if they have done this to me then I bet there are 100's of others who have also been fobbed off and lied to. Any help would help most welcome

  Forum Editor 22:33 15 Jan 2017

"I want to make it public what they have done."

You have done that, by posting about it here.

As far as social media are concerned, it's not our job to advise you on how to handle that - you must decide what you want to do.You think you've been lied to.

Bear in mind the fact that software faults are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty repairs are limited to manufacturing faults, and if there is a faulty track pad in less than a year, it would normally be covered, and the retailer would be liable. It isn't up to you to deal with the manufacturer at any point in the process.

Based on what you have said, it seems to me that the trackpad may indeed be faulty, in which case (as long as you haven't damaged it in any way) the retailer is liable for the repair.

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