Being constantly fobbed off by Mesh

  packetman 19:10 01 Sep 2003

This year I bought a Mesh matrix complete system and when I thought everything was working OK I found that the CD re-writer worked Ok as a CD writer but would not recognise RW disks. In the days when one could contact them by email they advised me that I was using the wrong CD-RW's!! They advised me to buy TDK and they would work but I could only buy these in packs of 10.
Arriving home eventually with my TDK CD-RWs and with heart a-thumping I inserted one only to find that this type was also being rejected.
I contacted Mesh by an expensive phone call only to be told that that batch must have been faulty...the mind boggles! I suggested that perhaps their re-writer could be faulty and this was denied saying they don't install faulty hardware! Ha!
I have paid for 3 yrs on site repairs in addition to the manufacturers guarantee for a year but beginning to think that that is also a con. Please, please help me someone, preferably Mesh and live up to your promises you made to me when I specifically asked about after sales service just prior to ordering this sytem.

  Stuartli 19:31 01 Sep 2003

Your thread, along with some others in these forums worries me, as I'm due to order one of Mesh's systems for a friend tomorrow or Wednesday.

As the person concerned is in their early eighties they won't have much time left in life to be worrying about faulty products.....

  ray27 16:16 02 Sep 2003

Please check out all the threads on this site with reference to Mesh and save yourself a lot of trouble .
Their systems are OK as long as they work .
Their support is a joke

  MESH Response 16:41 02 Sep 2003

Please leave your order number with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP with a solution.


MESH Response.

  packetman 17:05 02 Sep 2003

Let's see whether I can finally get to use my umpteen collection of RW CD's before I say thanks to Mesh.
Will keep you posted on progress.

  phoenix_one 17:17 02 Sep 2003

Look wot i did to my mesh pc

hee hee hee

works better now!

click here

click here

You can just about make out where it says mesh on the last pic

Hee hee

By the way mesh arnt too bad
My pc worked for a few years!

  kevvyb 14:40 03 Sep 2003

Agree wholeheartedly with ray27.

Typical of my experience.

At MESH there seems to be a culture of blaming the customer first and actually helping last by which time you're really pissed off. I found that I used to get very brief and terse email responses that proved that they had not even bothered to read and understand my email properly let alone tried to be helpful.

Have used Dell customer support in the past and they proved very helpful. Don't have any recent experience of them though.

  kevvyb 14:41 03 Sep 2003

forgot to say that trying to contact MESH by telephone was in my experience a real test of patience.....

  packetman 18:59 03 Sep 2003

Well, yesterday and this afternoon I had a phone calls from Mesh and after much clicking and with their help I can now use all my CD RW's. I will check everything tonight and if all is OK then I will return with the good news as soon as possible and tell you all.

But please, why does all this agro need to happen when all they need to do is answer my email without an auto response email after which nothing happens? Life would be much easier and we could all be happier and more contented.

  packetman 19:27 05 Sep 2003

So last night I tried again to use my CD RW's and no they will NOT work despite a lengthy phone call from Mesh who did their best in trying to help. All they managed to do was tell me how to burn CD's which was how I had been doing it but I want to use drag and drop files not burning all the time, anyway, it may surprise you all but they are sending someone to my home address to change the ''faulty'' re-writer. Will report back when I finally get the system I paid for months ago working.

  packetman 14:07 10 Sep 2003

Well, the thought of getting my CD-rewriter replaced never happened, the engineer promised to come between 9am and 1pm today, Wednesday, stayed in and nobody came. After all the problems with Mesh I suppose I was expecting too much! Come on guys at Mesh, play fair, I have paid good money for your system and it still doesn't work.

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